Id Software: Rage Might Not Have Dedicated Servers

Didn't know until just now, so forgive me if anyone here knew about this already (I looked and couldn't find anything by anyone mentioning it), but on November 5th, John Carmack told Variety that he doesn't think dedicated servers will be an option for Id Software's newest game Rage, instead using a Matchmaking system. However, they're apparently keeping a close eye on Infinity Ward and how they're doing with Modern Warfare 2, and the decision is "not set in stone".I personally don't think it's too big of a deal considering I'm not too excited for Rage, but it is a defining characteristic of PC gaming that I don't believe should fade away. I would predict Rage will not include dedicated servers, given the fairly large sales on the PC this past month, despite the versions shortcomings compared to the console versions.

My first Id Software experience was with Doom on the PS1... Fuck you, I was 8, we didn't have a home PC at the time... Anyway, I remember renting it and hating it, but wanting more after I took it back. So I rented it again, liked it a little better, but still disliked it. This continued. Sometimes it would be several months before I rented it again. I rented it enough times over the next year or two that I could have bought it with the money I spent on it. By the end of that, I had probably gotten around half way through it, and thought it was okay. It was a few years later when I played the original PC version for the first time, and beat it over a couple of hours. I had seen the darkness. I went on to play the big Id shooters, Doom II, Quake and Quake II. I still haven't played Wolfenstein 3D or Quake III, mainly because the former used to seem to me as too old, unperfected, "proto-Doom"; the latter primarily because I went through a stage in my mid teens that playing games that were 2 years old or more made me feel ashamed since that's all I could afford, which was also a factor in me not playing Wolfenstein 3D... I've since grown out of that shit and have both of those games on a list of titles to play before the day I am brutally murdered.

I'll admit, I'm pretty skeptical of the new game given I have not enjoyed Id's previous few games such as Doom 3, Quake 4 and Quake Wars nearly as much as their previous installments. I haven't played the new Wolfentstein, so I can't say if that has reinvigorated my interest in Id's games or not, though from what I played of the demo and read in reviews, it doesn't seem worth it. Rage itself seems like an okay game... But probably not one I would pay $50 for judging by what I've seen of it thus far. If it doesn't have the option for dedicated servers, I think I'll wait for it to go on special on Steam..

What did you think of Rage before Carmack's statements, and what do you think of the game now? How was your first experiences with Id's games and how have they gone since? Have you too felt Id's games have been slipping in quality this past decade or so as opposed to the 90's? What was the first small animal you slaughtered and masturbated over? The forums are on life support.


I did not post this on the blog due to it being such an old story... Wish I would've read the story a month ago.

this really makes me RAGE!
(lol i had to do it)

it really dosent though i dont care

but i forsee a trend here
more and more games released for the PC will be like this
and then they will change PC gaming

steam will be the next Xbox Live
and everything will be under that

now the pc is a console

Nope, we'll just pirate everything and use Hamachi. Then once they get 2 or 3 copies sold, they'll say, "Hm, what did we do a few years ago that pissed everyone off?". Then just like EA with their install limit, it'll die.

Hopefully so, yeah. I would prefer that this all get settled in a way that does not involve piracy but that's what hurts developers the most, and that's what will get the point across, as much as it sucks for the team. All it takes is one good, hardcore PC-exclusive new IP to make waves and our slice of the industry will come back to run with the consoles when they figure out what real PC gamers want this day and age, so I would hope it comes to simply a reemergence instead of a hostile backlash. But indeed, hope is fading for a PC revolution.

Anybody remember when iD software released Quake and everybody said that the dedicated servers would never catch on with the mainstream PC gamers, due to being 'too complicated'? you don't.


Vive la Revolucion.

i expect other developers are watching modern warfare 2 to see how this move works, to see what the pc gaming community will accept. so in the end, if this does become the norm i would say that its or own fault... or more so everyone who bought modern warfare 2 for pc

Well.. Seeing the very bad responses mw2 got, I don't think many developers want to follow this just for the piracy part (especially not when you can easily play online on a pirated mw2 copy.. wasnt so simple with dedicated servers..)

anyways, IW said they are working on a patch that containt alot of what the users have requested.. damn I hope for some dedicated servers : 333

If they add dedicated servers I may actually buy that game.

even if they add dedicated servers i don't think i'll ever buy mw2 it doesnt even seem worth pirating i think i might buy cod4

I think I might give the finger to the Call of Duty series.

quake 4 had a great single player, i didnt care much for doom 3 because it just scared the shit out of me and the darkness was very annoying. wolfenstien had a pretty epic single player too, even tho multiplayer was just terrible. i hope this trend of "no dedicated servers" stops before begins. i dont see how it prevents piracy anyway.

If anything, it pisses people off enough to pirate the games even more.

Which of course has been stated.

This just gives me a reason to pirate it. But I still have hope in Id. I am still planning on buying this one.

thats kinda what i dont get. as far as im aware this games main focus will be the single player. i dont get why the would even consider doing this on a new title(no fan base) with such a singleplayer emphisis.

I'm not sure either, it doesn't even seem like a useful feature for a multiplayer game either, it just has no use.

i think u and me should buy cod 4 and renzoukon already has it cus crysis wars really isnt good multiplayer

You're out of line, it's fun, just doesn't have a good community. There is no way I'm giving Infinity Ward my money.

cod4 multiplayer is better, regardless of the community issue. crysis wars multiplayer is fun but even if people online were good it's a really repetitive game, with few good maps

Yeah CoD 4 is great if you like getting shot in the hand with a pistol and dieing. I could argue CoD is repetitive because all it is is shooting someone one time and having them die with the same shitty animation that has been used since CoD 1.

problem 1 with crysis wars multiplayer is not competitive enough i mean you can't beat the graphics but i think we should play a serious fps game

*opinions maybe based on the fact we play crysis wars way to much