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I'd like to learn to do some fullstacking

Hey sir/madam,

I’m looking for some easy stuff I could do to learn a little apollo react. I followed a tut 8 months back but that was for school and welp, I kindof just did the html part…

I’m familiar with the following languages:(from alot to near zero)
HTML (/thomastimer.html)
CSS (/freestyler.css)
Python (Made a higher lower game, tried to recreate zork, was playable)
Java (Mc modding)
SQL (did somethin in school, got a book)
C# (started a tutorial)
rust code (started the getting started)

I wanna do stuff but I do not know how I get there :frowning:

If you’re comfortable with Python, there is nothing better than “fullstacking” with Python, in my opinion.

Flask has a fantastic tutorial to get you started with the framework.


I think you need to learn JavaScript.

If you’re looking for a little motivation, I suggest studying and tweaking examples such as these:

Clicking the angle brackets button on the examples will take you to the source:

I find the graphical feedback to be a stimulating way to see what is going on. Along that same vein, check out

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Beyond js you’re lacking in storage and orchestration tech.

I don’t know how I feel about your comment, can you elaborate?

At some point, whatever you end up developing will have to be deployed in a “prod” environment - you really can’t call yourself a full stack dev if you’re unable to run your product.

It’s likely to have some state, in some kind of storage system tailored to your app.

For orchestration, sooner or later you’ll have something like gdpr or a security fix or hardware dying or cloud APIs changing or new staff taking over, and you’ll have to design and implement a system in a way where these kinds of things are anticipated and addressed.

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Are you familiar with version control, containerization, and cloud native applications?

That’s important, actually.

Sorry, there ain’t one.

There you go, now add JS so you can add functionality to your web pages. But… if you’re really interested in having some financial return in a mid-term, maybe, just maybe, you should learn .NET instead…

I’ve been watching some youtube videos from a channel called “Coder Foundry” I guess, and he says most available Junior jobs are requiring .NET :man_shrugging:

I’m on my journey to become a dev also, will probably main .NET (mostly core) and Angular(the right one with TS).