IceQ 7870 (build of doom)

I' thinking of building a new gaming rig, that includes the HIS IceQ 7870 (the one that Logan did a review of) in cross fire. I think this is all compatible, but to just to make sure i posted this on here. The PSU im unsure of. Any suggestions to help improve the build is welcome. Also, I would like to stay below two grand. (all the items will be bought on amazon)

CPU-Core i5 3570k 

Mobo-Asus V Formula Thunder FX

CPU cooler- h100

RAM-Corsair Vengeance(4x4 gb)

GPU- HIS IceQ 7870 in crossfire(2)

Storage-Kingston HyperX 120gb in Raid 0 (2)

1.5 Seagate Barracude 7200 rpm Green drive

PSU-Seasonic 1250xm

Case-Corsair 800D or NZXT 810 Switch


Post the links, prices, or use PCPARTPICKER

I'll come back to you when you do that