Ibuypower pc

So I saw this pc at wallmart's site, well I want to know if this could be upgraded somehow I tought of cf with and hd 7770 for now I'm interested on playing bf4, would it be able to run it at high with stable framerates? or should I just go for a better gpu?

You'd probably have to play at some of the lowest settings on BF4 and still have shitty framerates.

Build one yourself.  You can get much more for 500 bucks.

This would be terrible for BF4, that's a laptop APU in there, build your own (it's the same APU in Logan's $350 PC video.)


Build something like this. http://pcpartpicker.com/user/tacticallemur/saved/2xkS

Can handle BF4 no problem. Motherboard is a little more expensive to some alternatives but you can upgrade to Steamroller CPUs next year.

It'd be a stretch to say "no problem".

Changed some parts around, and made sure everything was in stock: