IBM Model M

So I stumbeled upon this on craigslist.

I messaged him asking how much he wanted for the keyboard alone. What is the max I should pay for the keyboard?

From what I can see the keyboard looks like its in pretty good condition, I would say pay him about $80-$110 (a little over is fine) but any more to me seems like prices you would pay for a mint condition Model M.

For that price, he might as well just buy everything, lol. Did you read the listing?

The one I'm using right now I paid $30 for. The rest of them (I have around 8) are kept in my closet for backups. For a very good condition model M I wouldn't pay over $100. 


He already sold it. :(

Ratshit... that sucks. Oh well, there should be more out somewhere in offices. I couldn't imagine if any of them would have a computer storage room. But if yuo do know someone who works or has access to it, try to ask them if you can get a visit. I bet most people got these keyboards from offices that has them in long-term storage.

 I should tell you though, it could be even worse for me. Saw a Model M on Trademe, on sale for $321 NZD:

Been there since, well I couldn't imagine, more than 4 months already?

Every day check out ebay. I see them all the time in good condition for around $50.

Model M's go from  $40-60 in good condition.

Personally, Id spend $80 on a sealed box Model M. I love older PS/2 keyboards like that. Had a Model M from '94 for 15 years between me and my dad before it was misplaced in a move. Loved that thing to death.