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IBM Closes Landmark Acquisition of Red Hat for $34 Billion


This breaks my brain. IBM… the company that basically created AIX UNIX is now offically buying a Linux company… which is RedHat. I get that IBM is trying desperately to break their ‘old folks home’ in terms of image and innovation but to go out and buy a huge operation straight up like this I think reinforces the idea. I don’t see a problem with this but I think they are going about it in the wrong way.

Does anyone else remember those old IBM commercials for Linux from the… late 90s? I think? Anyway they have always been on the forefront for Linux/UNIX systems but I think with what has been going on with Microsoft and Apple lately people are looking for other options.

All I have to say to IBM… don’t fuck this up.



At one time they were eyed for anti-trust action, was killed in the 80’s
Remember seeing RedHat at Fry’s in the 90’s back when software came in a nice big box with diskettes inside.
Very interesting :slight_smile:



You need to keep in mind IBM were not buying RH for Linux, they were buying it for hybrid cloud. This is potentially a massive market in the Enterprise segment.

Many companies have workloads not suited to, or cost effective in Azure or AWS but want to get them into a private cloud with all the advantages and DevOps buzz words it brings.

I agree, I hope they don’t screw it up :slight_smile:



Well hopefully they can get something off the ground. I have friends that work in AWS and S3, they basically make it sound like a revolving door of talent.



Red Hat already have experience and tooling in this space. My employer uses a fair amount already and will potentially be using more as they use IBM data centres with VMware and RHEL VMs plus Azure. The buy makes sense from where I sit.

This is what it’s all about