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IBM Acquires RedHat


I for one look forward to Red International Business Hat Linux. It has a nice ring to it…


Sound dRIBHL to me.


I can’t wait for IBM Plex to be the default font in Gnome


I think the conversation has veered off topic. You guys are now arguing about distros.


Welcome to the forum.


It was maybe relevant to express that you’d consider switching to different distro because you distrust IBM and its plans for Red Hat. But then arguing specifics seems to be a different topic to me.


:comet: Cleaned the thread up a bit :ok_hand:


IBM do sell server hardware that runs containers etc.

If they want into the cloud on both hardware and software. I can understand that.

I see that normies are devolving to VNC screens that only talk to the cloud. So get on the cloud software / hardware / networking is the next big thing.

Normies are to stupid to be in charge of a PC and clicking web links on a porn site like a maniac :slight_smile:

That’s my brother.


Follow up: IBM takeover and death of KDE

is it true it will also end on Fedora??


We (may) now know the real reason for that IBM takeover. A distraction for Red Hat to axe KDE

This is the dumbest thing I’ve heard today.

KDE is a thing of the past.

End? You can install any DE you’d like on fedora.


Bro, don’t you know that a billion dollar company cares about ruining what .5% of the population uses?!



As far as I’m aware red hat don’t fund KDE so there not axing anything.

It will either stay in fedora or move to another repo. KDE on red hat will also probably move to the software collection or something similar.

No one really uses it so from that perspective it kind of makes sense to not ship it. They already ship a DE.


True KDE not having a “home” wont kill it. Redhat was not KDE;s home before or now.


Whaaat?? Am i missing something? Am i the only one using KDE/LXQT ??


KDE doesn’t have a home distro per se, but KDE neon runs on top of Ubuntu LTS.

Gnome is more popular, but KDE is hardly dying. Please.


opensuse :heart: kde