I7z like program for threadripper

Hello! This is my first post here. Been lurking for a while though.

Just last night I built my 1920x threadripper on an asus Zenith Extreme.

This on stock settings and my equipment it is noisy. But I havent done much testing.

On my old system I used the linux program i7z when stress testing to see info like the voltage and temp and actual mhz on each physical core, and how they adjust in real time (ish).

Is there a similar program for threadripper or zen based processors?


Not sure about the frontend, temperature reading and math for these CPUs is implemented in the hwmon/k10temp driver which works with sensors/lm_sensors . Maybe you can write a for loop in shell to get you all the info you need laid out similarly to i7z

Honestly, for me, all I needed was watch -n0.5 "sensors && nvidia-smi"

You can get the cpu freq from /proc/cpuinfo for each core, I believe.

I’ve actually been working on a GUI frontend for fan control, but I’m probably going to expand it to CPU monitoring as well when the fan control gets more… stable.

Thanks for the info.

Is there a command that shows the current voltage being applied to each core? (For example, i7z would report the voltage each core was pulling in real(ish) time showing the voltage drop when the processor downclocked cores. I allowed me to see how high voltage was spiking when testing, because sometimes the voltage you tell the motherboard to supply in the bios isn’t 100% accurate, and depending on things like LLC it could spike above what you set in the bios)

Secondarily , I have quieted the 1920x system down quite a bit the last two days or so.