i7 on sale!

Hello everyone! 

Just wanted to let everyone know that the 'i7 4770K' it's on sale for 199.99$ at Micro Center only for in-store Pick up.





Have a great day!

Yes if only there was a Micro Center anywhere around me.

Not that I'd buy that particular processor at any price.

I'd totally buy it...  if the closest Mirco Center wasn't 900 miles away... 

America always has awesome prices for pc parts :/

If you live next to a microcenter you are a lucky bastard. They have deals like this all the time.I used to have a microcenter near by and got my old q9550 for like 169 when they were 289 on newegg. Then they couldn't get their lease renewed or some shit and closed down.

I wish i had one near me. They seem to have great deals on mobos and cpus for in store pickup.