i7+GTX 770 vs. i5+AMD R9 290

Hey guys i'm gonna be building a system soon and i'd like to know which would be better for playing next gen games (like bf4 but i will be playing many other different types of games). I've heard that having a cpu with more than four cores like 8 will be very beneficial for next gen games because of the new hardware in the xbone and ps4

If you're curious about the builds here they are:

i5 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/26K1a

i7 http://pcpartpicker.com/p/26dMj


Thanks for the help in advance :D

i5 and 290 would be the best option for gaming. I think you can tidy those builds up with a better PSU and a better monitor, for a similar amount of money to these given models. The other choices you have made are quite solid.

go R9 it will impact your performance better

What better monitor and psu could i get while maintaining the 1500$ budget?

Id either do the i7 build but with a really high end 280x or wait for aftermarket coolers and do a i5 290 build. But that is just me.

Nothing much more, really.  The i5 + R9 290 build will be pretty strong.

r9 290 FTW

The i5 r9 290 is defiantly the faster build for gaming, it'll max out games at 1080p with ~60fps and be playable maxed out at 1440p due to that beast of a GPU... the i5 is also fine for gaming although going to a cheaper cooler like the Thermatake h20 performer and a non K i7 is better preformance for your money. For productivity work however, the i7 will be much faster due to its better CPU plus CUDA support (normally faster than OpenCl in adobe stuff) from the the gtx770 ... but either way I'd look at a better PSU (Antec HCG 750w modular is my personal choice, its under $100). However i'm going to focus on the i5 build here as gaming seems to be what your about...

Other than that its just tuning the parts to whats around the same price (or can be had cheaper) and spec but going to work a bit better for you. Along these lines I'd change to Gskill 1600mhz Cas8 XMP ram, I've had great success with this in the past, its faster (due to lower cas) and cheaper than the ram you've picked, it also cools well due to its aluminum heat spreader and I've found it overclocks well. Also upgrading to a WD blue or sea gate Barracuda will get you 7200rmp, which is sure noticeably faster and is only about the same money if you look around a bit. Finally you can get a ASUS 23" 1080p monitor thats around the same price, but has faster refresh times (75hz) and a uber low response time. Personally I have one of these and its a great unit, uses little power, looks good and even the inbuilt speakers work well enough I actually use them, although I'd go with a headset if your listening to music still.

Anyway your sure in the right ball park with that build, so I'm sure you'll be happy with the result after optimizing your parts choices for specials and the like, Although seriously, ditch that CX430w PSU, it lacks either the wattage or quality to power a system at this level, particularly with a power hungry card like the R9 290. Also huge win on your choice of case and SSD, I own these things (non-windowed version) and they work great.

However on a cooling note, the case can actully fit a h90 as an exhaust on the rear (have in mine, cools 4770k well) which is quieter than the h80i, and not as deep so it'll overhang the VRM's alot less, improving temps there. However is should be noted that due to the thinner rad and single fan, cooling is about the same despite the increase to 140mm. Of course you could go nuts with a H110 in this case, but its far more money and you don't need it. I'd also budget for an extra 140mm PWM fan for the floor of the case, this gives you a motherboard controlled intake as the front fans run off the included fan controller, this allows you to set the front fans to low and have the PWM fan ramp up when needed, allowing the PC to be fully silent at all other times. I have a Noctua 140mm PWM force in mine, although its worth noting it is a tight fit with the modular PSU cables on my sea sonic, so a 120mm fan isn't a bad idea, i just liked the idea of haveing all 140mm so I could move any fan to any location in the case.