I7 990x

Why the hell is the i7 990x still a thousand dollars, the new enthusiast series arshout so don't prices drop when it's been like 3 years, Same thing with gpus, the 590 is still 800, or what about the i7 3960x is a thousand when the i7 3970x is all tsat price and its better just little bit but still drop the damn prices.

Because it's not made anymore.

This isn't really an antique like a old gun or car it's CPU made to do mathematical operations, so why keep the price at 1000 your the website or store has it it should be lowere same with gpus. I mean I see people selling these for like 1500, just because its rare doesn't mean it's worth more especially not in the electronics market, well certain apple computers sell for slot but this is a CPU and ite not even that old. Do you see the I'm trying to make.

Sorry about all the mistakes, when I type on here it corrects me like when I typed correct it change the last four latters to like Tss, or ex it's really annoying and it happens all the time on tek syndicate.

Because they can, really :|

Well no one will buy thno so its kinds stupid on the retailers part.