i7 920 OC help

Hi there folks.

I am rather new at overclocking, but thought i might just give it a go on my prehistoric machine, i am soon gonna build a new one, but thought i might just give OCing a try for now.

It is a i7 920 on a Gigabyte EX58-UD4P, with PC3-10700 ram, thats atleast what it says

http://i.imgur.com/uQwrOlD.jpg - cpu

http://i.imgur.com/lLux2VI.jpg - ram

I dont really wanna go overboard, but afaik the 920 overclocks pretty decently, atm mine runs at about 40 degrees celcius under load, so i guess there is room to tweak around a bit, i just dont have a clue what to do, i have tried reading around a bit but i must admit, it can get rather confusing.

So hopefully someone in here might have some advice, i am experinced working with PCs dont worry, i just dont have much exprience when it comes to OCing, so any advice would be great.

Thanks in advance!

Two of the best guides out there:



I've got mine (920 D0 stepping) on a stable 4.2Ghz OC at around 1.36 vcore IIRC.


Okay thanks, i tried following a guide i found with the same mobo and cpu, after using the recommended settings my pc just wouldnt boot, but ill check those out thanks.

1366 overclocking is so much fun. I had a 920, followed by a 950 then 960. A lot depends on the quality of the ram when it comes to overclock these chips.

First off all dont use that easy tune program. Uninstall it and do everything in the bios.

I dug up this old thread on the other forum im always on. Is a very good read and im sure it will help iron out the overclocking bugs your getting. As a lot more goes on with x58 overclocking then the newer chipsets.


Best of luck pal.