i7 920 is such amaze

I have had my i7 920 for some years now and started thinking about upgrading my system, my plan was use my current system to try out some water cooling (for practice) and then in a few months upgrade my mobo and cpu. 

As I knew I was going to be water cooling I wanted to see how far i could push this current cpu on air. From the stock 2.66Ghz I got it upto around 3.8ghz with no issues and it running at about 70 Celsius under full load. cooler is a cnps10x performa or something. I may well post my first watercooling experience on here too might be good to get some feedback.

Anywho long story short, ran some cpu benchmanrks and heck the 920 aint too shabby at all I dont think im gonna be upgrading that puppy any time soon. :) skylake? maybe ;p

wow, lets throw a party!

pls :D