I7 8700k Build Question

Evening chaps,

Since my last thread was so insightful I thought i’d get as much information before purchase here as possible.

I’m planning on buying this today,

i7 8700k + Asus Rog Strix-F


Corsair Vengeance RGB LED 32GB DDR4 3466 Memory Kit 4x8GB

Samsung 1TB 960 Evo PCIe SSD

This will all host my Asus Rog Strix 1080Ti

Now Judge me :).

Thanks in advanced.

What are you going to use your PC for? What monitor set up?

Why the horribly overpriced motherboard? and RAM?

Did you already have a 1080ti? or were you buying an overpriced one?


RAM is total overkill. 16GB of really anything over 2666 is fine.

Motherboard is really good, but unless you’re doing extreme OCing prob not necessary.

Would save you plenty of cash.

Thanks for the replies,

Gaming on 1440p (ultra)
Video Editing
Multiple Monitors

Yes I already own the 1080Ti and love it, just opening up the rest of the platform for it’s use.

32Gb RAM is for sure what I want this time.
I will Overclock in the future so preparing for that now.
I’m paying some extra for a motherboard I see good reviews with and also looks nice to me. I also like Asus quality.

1440p 60hz or 144hz?

You can pay half as much for the motherboard and still have an overkill motherboard.

Also depending on how serious you are about streaming you might want to get 1000 GBP for the 1080ti while you can and totally buy a 1950X just for fun.

1440p 144Mhz.

Yeah, I know there are some budget versions with decent overclocking too, to me the extra 50-100 isn’t a lot for a motherboard I also like the visual and quality I’m used to of considering how much the build is anyway.

got an ASRock in my current build and had so many issues with it I’m off that etc… I used to have an Asus Rampage Extreme III and loved it so.

The 8700k is better for gaming from what I’ve seen and been told. I don’t think I’ll have any issues streaming with this setup as I’m currently streaming perfectly fine with 1080 ti and my 6+ year old rig.

It’s like an Extra 300

Are you delidding your CPU then? Or using the new Direct Die Bracket?

The motherboard is £185 separate and I’m getting it with a bundle. I have absolutely no issues spending £200 on a quality motherboard.

I have no idea what you mean by delidding, I understand it’s the process of removing the heatsink from the cpu. I assume so you can apply some aftermarket cooler for better cooling?

No, i do not plan on torturing my CPU like that. I plan on getting the Corsair H100i-V2 to cool the CPU.


I saw the motherboard with a 499 GBP price tag

What’s the point a high end overclocking board without delidding? You can get 20C gains from delidding

I think the direct die thing is X299 only for now

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yeah it’s a bundle :).

I get what you’re saying, but from what I understand can OC to 5ghz without issue so it’s always a good end-point.

To be honest, though, I’ve had this rig for 6 years now and not needed to overclock and could still play games mid-high with good fps on SLI 980’s. So I really don’t even think i’ll need to overclock in the future. But it’s always a possibility. So is delidding i guess.

Ehh… 5Ghz is gonna run hella hot with that cooler and no delid.

A better OC target is prob 4.5-6 on all cores.

But even so performance at stock will be plenty

Is that RAM correct by the way?

I’ve selected Quad-Channel, but does the i7 8700k only take Dual Channel?


8700K is only dual channel yeah.

So two sticks per channel. You can run 4 sticks its no biggy.

You really don’t need that kind of speed though. 2666+ is fine. Really think 16GB (2X8) would be plenty too but… ehh you seem dead set on 32.

Good stuff,

Would you recommend Dual Channel 32GB or Quad Channel 32GB? I don’t know the drawbacks there.

Yeah, I just want to future proof myself a little bit. Since I’m going to be running multiple applications,

Game, OBS, Streamlabels, Deezer, discord, steam, chrome all at the same time I figure 32GB is a decent idea.

It’s not like my PC won’t take advantage of 32GB if required right, and since it’s only slightly more than 16GB it makes sense to me.

I mean I’m spending about £1100 on components to go with my 1080 TI, so feel free to recommend me some parts and of course, i’ll look into them.

I simply want the best for my money right now, with quality brands.

*If you wanna list me up a TR4 i’d consider that if it was a little more but much better for gaming etc…

Many thanks,

Dual channel vs quad channel there’s really no difference. Quad channel has just been tested at the factory to work together in quad channel systems but since z370 is dual channel that won’t affect you in anyway. I’m not sure prices right now but when I built mine a quad channel kit was more than buying two dual channel kits.


Fair enough,

You’ll all be happy to know I’m going to get 16GB instead.

going to return the M.2 PCIE 1tb also and replace it with a MX500 2TB SSD as lots have recommended this.

Thanks for your advice guys.

Honestly, based on my experience with a 4690k and a 7700k, leaving the stock “thermal paste” under the heatspreader is more torture. It will run hotter on average, the entirety of its lifespan. Even replacing the stock thermal paste with something other than liquid metal will probably yield great temps compared to what intel actually uses.

Besides, there are tools now for delidding that make it super easy to do.

You know, if you wait till April or May, and then you can get a 8 core i7 9700k, and a gtx 2080 for a similar price (or a 1080 & 8700k for cheap). Memory is so OP ($) right now, so i’d go with 8gb or 16 GB 2400 ram now and and then buy high speed ram in like 4-6 months.

that would get you the most for your money.

Without knowing use case it is impossible to say 32 GB is overkill.

if you run something like CISCO VIRL it has 16 GB as a system requirement for example. Makes me laugh how people will state that something is overkill without even knowing the use case…

And yes on the intel CPUs super high speed ram is less of a requirement. They have a good cache on them and the improvements from higher speed RAM are nowhere near as dramatic as with Ryzen.

Wow very nice. You should check out r/iamverysmart!

If you actually read the thread he stated his use case as well as mentioning it in a previous thread… I knew his use case when I made the recommendation… Primarily gaming and streaming with light video editing. 32GB is overkill for it. Especially in the current RAM market.

Thanks for contributing to this thread…

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