I7 7700k VS ryzen 1800x?

I’m confused, which CPU should I get for everyday use and gaming, most of the time I would play battleground and other games, so which one should I get?


in my area both are similar in the price not much of a difference around 300$.

Ugh I missed the title

The 7700k will give you somewhat higher framerates due to its higher single-thread performance. The high-end Ryzen CPUs make sense if your workloads can actually make use of 16 threads (which games don’t). Even then I wouldn’t get the 1800x specifically though because the 1700 and 1700x can be overclocked to reach very similar performance.

so the 1700x could compeat with the 7700k?

No, the 1700 / 1700x can be overclocked to reach 1800x levels. The 7700k still has higher single thread performance, but less cores.

What resolution?

What GPU will you be using?

What budget?

Why a new thread?

I could categorize for you:

i7700K - professional gamer, someone who wants the very best for gaming only, wants 140+ FPS, bragger.

Ryzen 1700 - everyone else, will overclock at least to 1800X out of the box clocks, typically more.

Ryzen 1700X - out of the box higher clocks, overclock to almost 1800X OC

Ryzen 1800X - out of the box highest clocks for Ryzen on average usually best OC Ryzen chip

Which category are you in?

Bragger is not meant as a derogatory term…

The 1700 can even compete. The 1700 is basically a lower clocked 1800x. When overclocked it can compete with the 1800x. The 1700 is better than the 7700k for everyday use but not gaming. What I mean is if you keep mutliple tabs open while watching netflix, it benefits from the extra cores.

But I would tell you now to get a 1800x, especially if you can get it from microcenter. The MSRP for 1800x is 500 usd, but microcenter is selling it for 349 usd. The 1700 msrp which is what i spent on it is 329 usd. Microcenter is selling the 1700 for approximately 300 usd. So for 50 bucks more you can get the 1800x.