I7 6700k worth it for gaming?

Hi, I am building a new pc and have a few questions regarding skylake vs haswell refresh.

In the UK the i7 4790k costs 250 and the 6700k is more like 350 I am just gaming but want an i7 to remove any bottleneck with a 980 ti. Is the 6700k 100 pounds more in terms of gaming performance to deserve the extra 100 pound price tag?

It's simple. If you can afford to put 6700K in the system without crippling other parts - yes... Otherwise not really, no...

I have been asking myself that same question over and over as my wallet screams at me

Unless you're getting a 144Hz display ya might as well just get the i7 6700 non K, since skylake gives you things like USB 3.1/type-C

no, no point buying it.

I already have a 144hz benq XL2430t, does this make a difference to what processor to buy?

Overclocking your CPU is going to lessen any CPU bottleneck on your card, but really most competitive games are going to run at 120fps anyways, unless you need the extra cores of the i7 just get the i5 6600k with a 240m radiator or something and OC it.

4790k in this case is a wayy better deal.

You don't need an i7 for pure gaming.

I really do not see any point in the 6700(k) for gaming only. Just go with an 4790k.

Tiger Direct has 6600k for $270. I just upgraded a few weeks ago. Works great and with my Evo 212 cooler I have it overclocked at 4.7 Ghz.

Hi, I am building a new pc and the age old question of i5 vs i7 but with skylake so i5 6600k vs i7 6700k.

I don't know how to over clock but am buying the h100i GTX so I guess I could learn

In the UK the i5 is 220 pounds and the i7 is 359 pounds or I could go with i7 4790k for the same price as the i5. I am not editing or streaming just after a processor that will give me the most frames in games on my 144 hz monitor and not bottleneck my GTX 980 ti from EVGA.

Many Thanks

Overclocked 6600k seems to beat the 4790k overclocked.
4790k should be stronger, but again most games don't use more than 4 threads properly so the i5 is faster overall.
Go with the i5 I say.

if you are already on a ddr3 system with a board that can support the 4790k then of course the 4790k makes the most sense

Just shoot for the 6600k and grab a solid cooler with it.

If you are planning on going SLI an i7 can help provide more consistent frames, but if you are just sticking with 1 gpu I would go with the i5. That way you could spend up to the difference on a cooler and be at the same price as the i7.

No. Absolutley not it's like a 5% gain tops for a 30% rise in cost. Get Devils Canyon.

For gaming a 6600k is more for your money.
6700k is useless if you're going to overclock, don't buy it as 5820k smashes it just a tidbit more money.