I7 5820k tips

I'm trying to overclock my 5820k on my Asus saber tooth to 4.2 ghz while getting the coolest temps and I seem to have found a magically voltage of 1.143v where if I increase it a lil it fails the stress test and if I decreases it a lil it also fails, now should I keep it at 1.143v or should I keep increasing the voltage until it's stable? Also I'm using aida64 to stress test

Wait what.

Yea I'm confused too, I'm re-running the test rn to verify but that's what happened

I guess if it can run the test for a while at that voltage you're probably fine, you could also try Prime95

I think Prime95 is so outdated because it only tests 1 kind of instruction set and is too synthetic that it doesn't represent real cpu usage. If you really want to test your CPU stability you have the test your CPU with Apps that can run the whole gamut of what the cpu can do and Prime95 doesn't do that. And as a matter of fact it can only damage your CPU in the long run. Who's to say that in your 1hr run of Prime95, that in 1:01hr it crashes? So, what do you do? You run it in another 1hr, but then again who's to say that in 2:01hr that it crashes?

A more realistic stability test is with Cinebench and Asus Realbench.

Here's the person I got the tip from:

Its been my experience that if you can pass 5 runs of Real Bench your Overclock is usually 99% stable...I have yet to have a Real Bench Stable OC crash in a game or my PC before. Real Bench is a much less sythetic test and tests various aspects and different instruction sets on your CPU vs Prime95 and the others that cook your CPU for hours computing just numbers and only test a limited set of the CPU. Real Bench will also do a hardcore multi-tasking test, rendering a video, encoding with hand brake, and other programs to make sure your CPU OC is stable while using your GPU to render...its a very through test.

I know some of you may disagree with me on my stress testing methodologies, but its been my expereince that for the average gamer and novice, programs like Prime95, Intel Burn Test, and LinX just aren't necessary. However, for projects such as [email protected] and other distributed projects, it may be a good idea to use those applications, but for the average gamer, not so much.

Source: How To Safely Overclock and Stress Test Your CPU

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One bit I know is that unless you're doing special scientific calculations, Prime does tax your CPU unrealistically. I'd stick to Aida64 and/or Realbeanch.

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Is there something to be said though that if you survive the worst with your OC, anything else will be child's play?

Your OC could be stable on specific instruction set, but not on everything else.

Just want to point out I went a re-ran the test on Aida65 @1.146v and it crashed at 39:51, so I'm going to go back and put the voltage at 1.143v and see if it's still stable up to an hour, because before I was only doing 20 min tests so my magical voltage might just give out, I'll update you guys on what happens


Is there anything in the DIGI+ Power Control setting that might help stabilize it at 1.146v?

@Giulianno_D 'll check when I go back into the bios but this CPU seems to keep amazing me as I have now run the test for 1.143v for 50 min where the test at 1.146v failed at 39min.

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