i7 5820K Haswell-E vs i7 4970K Devils Canyon (MMORPG+Video editing)

I'm doing some research on the parts choices for my next build, and I'm at a crossroads for my CPU Choice.
Right now I'm between the i7 5820, vs the i7 4970K.

The primary purpose of the rig is MMORPG gaming, and video editing(and excessive multi-tasking).
MMO's have a really heavy single threaded workload, so for gaming I'll be relying on achieving has as possible single core OC, but obviously also stable when running Sony Vegas+video format conversion software.

the 5820k is 140watt, vs the 100watt? of the 4790K, however the 4970 is cheaper and has much higher base clocks, apparently 4.4 turbo stock. Can a 5820K easily reach the same 4.4 turbo clock?(single/dual core gaming workload)
Obviously 12 threads will be better for video editing.

Note that regardless of choice, these will be aircooled(MX-4 thermal compound).

I'm currently running a i7 3740QM at 4.05ghz/4.15ghz(depending on the game), and I obviously want to take a step up.
Is the 5820K designed to exceed 4.2ghz with ease?

GPU: R9 290X

AFAIK 4.4Ghz is average for the 5820k - however this would be with extremely good air of dual fan clc coolers and is still heavily reliant on the silicone lottery.

Overclocked haswell-E cpu's EAT power - its not uncommon for the 6 core cpus to drink up to 350w of power when overclocked

Unless you are doing a LOT of rendering I doubt that the cost of the 2011-3 platform can be justified, and for a guarantee of a 4.4 overclock you will probably HAVE to invest in a decent water cooling setup suck as a Kraken x61 or a corsair h110i GT

OMG that is a massive power draw.... That must have huge amounts of extra voltage pumped through it....

1.3 volts was all they apparently had through it.

Oh and just to clarify as is guess I was a bit ambiguous - that was power draw from the wall on a cpu benchmark on a 5820k at 4.4ghz at 1.3v with the gpu not being involved in the test.

When the same guy did the same test with the 5960x at 4.4 also at 1.3 it drew 437 watts at the wall

Have you got a link to this? Those numbers sound made up. All the tests I've seen, the 5820k, 5930k, 5960x consume around 68w Idle and 185w at load.

4970 seems to get 40w Idle and 105w at load.

Surely those numbers you quoted are for a full system, which seem fine to me for what you get. If so, that sentence "Overclocked haswell-E cpu's EAT power - its not uncommon for the 6 core cpus to drink up to 350w of power when overclocked" is a bit ambiguous to say the least.

To the Op: You're not going to improve gaming right now with an x99 system. Editing and rendering you will get a massive improvement. If you can afford the extra cost and the power bill increase, I'd go x99, but that's just me. Depends on how often you change your hardware to. I go in 5 year cycles for the core components usually. 5820k should last me another 4 years before I feel the need to upgrade (famous last words), but a 4970k might have me reaching for my wallet again in 2 years.

IDK, I know that FX8370s and whatnot can have insane power draws when you push the voltages up, but 300w is a huge draw! Much of that must be converted too heat, for instance I believe the cooler on the Gt 970 G1 gaming is rated to dissipate 300W TDP. So it must be putting up alot of heat.

Here you go - skip to 15.30 for the watt meter

Second source to verify. Those are some power hungry chips.


Those are whole system power usages, not just the chip! ;)

Anyway, those are totally acceptable IMO, considering the size of the CPU die and the amount of cores at those speeds.

You're really not aware of how fuckin reliant MMORPGs on that single core overclock, point of the x99 system is to get significant overclocking support.

depends mainaly on how much video editing you are doing.
Basicly the 4790K will be better at MMO / RPG games, cause these games, mainaly like high core clock speeds on just a few cores.
But if you do allot of video editing and rendering on a daily base, then the 5820k might be worth it for that.

But if you just edit and render a video so now and then, then i would say grab the 4790k.

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We're comparing to 4970k here? on a single core, the 4970k would be equal if not better than a 5820k, even if both are overclocked. I wouldn't advise anyone to get x99 for just gaming right now.

Summed up nicely. I should have written that in the first place!

Clock speed is entirely irrelevant. Especially for MMOs. I can assure you, you could be running a Core 2 Duo at 2GHz and get the same performance as a 4970k running at 5GHz. Games are way more dependent on GPU performance. MMOs are also heavily dependent on network performance. Maybe consider upgrading your router, modem, or ISP.

In short, go for the 5820k if you're going to be editing video because it won't have any effect on the game. Or upgrade other equipment (especially the GPU) if you want better FPS in game. I have an old Ivy Bridge Core i5 running at 3.4GHz and i can still max out any game at 60FPS because i have a good GPU.

No... not even close.

MMORPGs are the most clockspeed reliant games in the market.

MMORPGs have an excessive amount of drawcall and single thread functions that are extremely single thread heavy. Not only the sheer amount of math that MMOs call.
MMO's by essential design and function are extremely single core heavy, their amount of designated offscreen and onscreen functions and model references.

MMORPGs are the most CPU reliant game on the market by far.

Here's a few examples.

I have an i7 3740QM with a 4.15ghz overclock, sometimes It drops the power limit and and limits it to 2.7ghz. When playing WildStar i get about 1/2 to 1/3 the frame rates.
I have a friend that has a ivybridge 2600K and dual GTX 670s, and she plays guild Wars 2. She overclocked her 2600K to 4.5ghz and doubled her frame rates.
TERA gets held back hard once my CPU starts dropping below 3.1ghz

MMORPGs are the most single core clock reliant games in the gaming market.

Where the hell did you ever hear what you just said? MMORPGs are extremely CPU dependand, and don't need serius GPUs.
Networking implementation will do NOTHING for MMORPG frame rate performance, not even close, why even mention it?

Network only helps with ping.

I've been playing MMORPGs almost exclusively for 12 ish years, and am incredibly well aware of their performance issues and strengths.
Please don't spread misinformation.