I7 5775C or i7 6700K?

3 1080p monitors
with some aa

yup triple 1080p

well like I said, really nothing is going to help you reduce a CPU bottleneck, those chips are only like 5% faster, wait for zen/kaby lake if kaby lake is at least a 10% bump over skylake I guess, or just grab some 4k displays, possibly with free-sync in the hopes that nvidia starts to care about freedom sometime

I think that gaming on a true 4K screen might result in a better scaling on each card.

its not scaling, my i7 reaches 100% and my 980tis get to 80%

Yeah well 80% is not that bad with dual 980Ti´s.
A diffrent cpu isnt realy going to help you much i think.
Maybe some overclocking might help a littlebit.

You could concider upgrading to Skylake, but i think it will be a bit of a waste.

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Yeah but do you use dual 980Ti´s to drive them?

I assume you have overclocked the i7 right?

What are your current overclocks?

hmmm okay maybe faster ram? ive head that higher ram speed helps the cpu when its under heavy load

4.8Ghz on two cores and 4.9 on one core, and 5Ghz on the last

You'd see less than a 1% difference with even the fastest RAM in gaming, there is pretty much nothing you can really do here to lessen your CPU bottleneck. just wait for zen and kaby lake to see how those compare, although by then your GPUs will be slightly outdated.

I cant wait till the single threaded preformace on chips becomes extreme along with the amount of cores

You're of the 1% of the 1% they want power efficiency and other features over pure performance, but really you should be fine gaming at 4k with what you have, you may just be hitting an issue elsewhere.

Nope highspeed ram isnt going to help you in anyway.

Oh no, you are SOL.

Skylake is your best bet. But I would save up and wait for the new extreme processors coming out later this year.

How close are you coming to some reported benchmarks on SLI performance? If you are coming within 10% of someone's like OC3Ds benchies on on 1080p, then I say you are fine. If you are getting 15% or more, than you probably have an issue.

OC3D 980 Ti SLI review

Nothing wrong with those card or the CPU.

Just play at higher rez to keep the CPU from bottlenecking the cards.

That is poor improvement, and unrealistic when considering that the current gen will not get you there.
Tough it out and wait for Skylake-E