I7 5775C or i7 6700K?

which one is better?

with an i7 5775C I can still use my same motherboard. and I heard its a decent OCer. and it has on board eDRAM, I heard if you use deticated gpus, that eDRAM acts like cashe.

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Depends on what you're going to do with it, if you can get a cheap and or already own a Z97 board the 5775c is the better one.
6700k OCs better, and the platform is bound to get a refresh and a die shrink cannon lake down the road.
Though instead of getting Z170 I suggest going X99, price difference isn't huge and X99 is just a much better platform, especially with broadwell-e coming in a couple of months.

The eDRAM does indeed act as 128mb of L4 cache if you're using dedicated graphics, giving the 5775c the best power efficiency and IPC of any cpu in its class.

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Pretty much this. The performance between the two are identical, If you are fine with your current platform, the 5775C is going to be a fast chip for anything you want.

If you want to switch platforms, you probably would benefit going X99 since Intels recent pricing of the 6700K made going to X99 much easier, I would say that since you are still going to have a platform with longevity.

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Going the X99 route is the most "future" proof platform you can buy right now, as old n wise fouquin once said, X99 is the second coming of X58, a platform which even today is relevant.

In 5 years where most things, especially games are going to be more multithreaded you can buy a 10+ core xeon from ebay to upgrade whatever chip you're using.
A E5 2699 18 core is probably going to be much more powerful than whatever intel is releasing to the mainstream market in 5 years.

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my current i7 4790K is bottlenecking my 2 980Tis, so I want something atleast 10% faster

Oh, well X99 would definitely solve your problem.

well I want to stay under 400 bucks lol and a system upgrade like that is like 800 :P

5775c isn't a huge upgrade over 4790k, not really worth it.

Why is it bottlenecking your two 980ti's?

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The Xeon 1231v3(*assuming this was a new system), the i7 you have isn't much of a bottleneck, and you're playing at 4k with 2 980tis right?

The performance of the 5775c is graphic related. The 6700k/4790k are better allrounders. Price for performance is pretty much killed with the 5775c but if your are only gaming and have everything else ?

Wrestling with the choice myself. Is m.2 and nvme plus new usb connections type -a and c that important ?

Depending on Usage.
If you have a dedicated gpu then the 6700K is better.
If you build a system based on igpu, then the 5775C.

Guys, he is just looking to swap a cpu in because his 4790k is bottlenecking his 980 Ti's. (seriously @Streetguru, 1231v3 in a system where a 4790k is a limitor? really?)

The only thing that is going to alleviate your bottleneck is an overclocked 6700k or a X99 system, and depending on the game, neither of those may do it. Frankly Sli 980 Ti's need a faster cpu then any that is available at the moment. Your best bet is 6700k with a hefty OC, but frankly your probably better off holding off for a while.

Well non cpu will exaly solve his bottleneck.
Even an overclocked 5960X balls to the walls will not solve his issue.

He is playing at 4k, so in less cpu bound games he would be able to get the most out of those Ti's.

He is not realy playing in 4k.
He down scales 4k to 1080p.

dual 980Ti´s will allways get bottlenecked at 1080p.
no matter which cpu you trow at it.

Please tell me this is a joke... why 2 980 Ti's for 1080p? That's ridiculous...

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If i´m not mistaken he runs triple 1080p screens.
Or something like that, cant realy remember.
If he would play on a true 4K screen, he will see a better scaling in some games most likely.

If you're building a new rig, you're probably better off saving money with the Xeon 1231v3, and if you're going to spend that much on the CPU and CPU performance is important, than the 5820K really doesn't cost all that much more than a 6700K or 4790K

Otherwise unless he OCs to like 5ghz or something his CPU is going to be the bottleneck at points, but there's not much you could do right now, gotta wait for the new CPUs to come out.