i7 4820k

Is the new i7 4820k good for rendering out videos in adobe premiere or is it not diffrent than the i7 3770k?

It's faster than the 3770k but more expensive, the advantages are that you will be able to use quad channel ram and have a larger bandwith which would be useful if you would have multiple graphics cards.

ECC memory support on the 4820K is also something that could be important, if you realy render or edit movies the more professional way. But its not a must have. But a 4820K is a great choice in general, but if you allready own a 3770K then its not realy worth upgrading. unless you can afford the 4930K.

I got a lousy one that won't oc past 4.2 without becoming unstable, but other than that, the extra PCIe lanes are nice and the quad channel memory does make a difference despite what some people might say.