i7 4790k

I currently own a FX 8350, its a very good processor but my friend is looking to buy it off me. Would it be worth the trouble upgrading in terms of editing performance boost and in game fps boosts. The games i'm looking for a boost in would be Total War Rome II and World Of Tanks. The problem is I cant find any benchmarks for these games. Anyone know the benchmarks and the rough performance increase over the FX 8350?

I'm not so sure because I have no real experience with those games in particular. That being said, in general, the 8350 and the 4790k perform nearly identically in games. Certain games that are poorly optimized, like DayZ/ARMA ect., run better on the Intel but the differences aren't that huge. Really your GPU is most important.

As for editing/rendering it is also a bit of a toss up. I have a Xeon 1230V3, basically a 4770, as well as an 8350. In games, like I said, they are about the same. Editing the Xeon is a tiny bit faster but nothing to write home about. Def not enough of a boost to justify buying a new CPU and motherboard as well as all the extra work of installing it and reinstalling Windows and updating drivers and the lot.I bet if I OCed by 8350 a bit higher, from the 4.8 to say 5.0 GHz, they'd be identical. The 8350 does very well in editing and especially H.264 encoding.

Most people though even then will, if possible, offload it to the GPU and use CUDA or OpenCL to speed performance.

If you feel like the 8350 is slowing down a little overclock it. The FX CPUs overclock like beasts. Also invest in an SSD. They will give you a much more responsive system right there. Way more noticeable than a CPU change.

I have extensive experience with both of these games, on both top end AMD 8 cores, and an intel 4770K. for Rome 2, the performance would likely be about the same, depending on your GPU. For WoT, the Intel will perform better, hands down, no contest, for one simple reason: WoT does not support multiple cores, and will only run on a single CPU core. Intel has much stronger individual cores, therefore WoT runs much better on high end Intel systems than high end AMD systems (I'm currently running it on a FX-9590, and my old room mate's i7 4770K performs much better, even though my CPU out-performs his in many other games).

Total War Rome II and World Of Tanks games still only use 2 threads for there completely unoptimised bs.

Try disableing core's on the 8350 antill you only have 2 cores and oc then save that oc seting for when you whant to play those games (it maybe better than spendeng 300-400 bucks on new parts)

The intel cpus have the advantage in terribly unoptimised games like this because of their superior single threded performance (A ssd isent realy going to change your gameing experance) it will just speed up loading times and system tasks.