i7 4790k Overheating to 90C

So my friend just built a new system, and when he finished it and booted up, the first thing that he wanted to test was the CPU and H100i that he had on it. He did not overclock the CPU at all, he just wanted to test the temps. He used OCCT with small dataset for the heat and got up to 78C! In my personal opinion and experience, that's way too high for a stock processor that's hitting 4.4GHz max turbo. Even my 3770k with a max turbo of 4.5GHz doesn't go above 71C and averages out to about 68C on OCCT.

The next day he wanted to test again and started getting 90C right off the bat. He thought that it may be the h100i not cooling properly so he re-seated it, no change. He exchanged the CPU for another 4970k and no change either. He set up an RMA for the cooler only to find out that with the stock cooler he's getting 90C in the BIOS!

At this point, my only guess is his mobo is bad, maybe power delivery or voltages not being handled properly, or it's the PSU.

Any ideas to what it could be?

Specs: Core i7 4790k (stock clocks)
MSi z97 Gaming 5
Corsair RM 750 Certified Gold

Try running the pump from molex or max it out from the software control and make sure it's pumping. If you can't hear the pump at full bore, you have a dud. If you can hear the pump and the fans are going at least half speed, you might try reapplying the thermal paste.

He already tried re applying thermal paste twice. But you see, even with the stock cooler on, he should not be getting 90C in the BIOS, so I don't think it's a problem with the H100i. Besides, corsair already shipped the new one.

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Is the CPU thermal throttling at all?
Perhaps its just a damaged temperature sensor. Or can you really feel the extreme heat coming from the stock CPU cooler?

He says that he doesn't feel any heat when touching the heatsink. You could be right, the sensor could be bad/damaged.

He's going to call MSi about an RMA. Thanks for the tip Theonewhoisdrunk!

if the thermal sensor is bad that would be on the cpu not the motherboard, what does the motherboard say the cpu socket or motherboard temp is?

Well whatever it is, at this point it seems to be the mobo because the current 4970k is a brand new one exchanged for the previous one. I mean, what are the chances that two CPUs will have the same exact problem?

I am fairly sure that it will be very low. I have never dealt with any RMA process but Intel seems like they have a reputable RMA department. They will most certainly send you a fully functioning processors unless they want another RMA ticket opened up.