I7-4790k Overclock

Alrighty, I started at 4.6Ghz at 1.20v and started Aida 64... Apparently my chip is a good one! How long should I keep Aida64 running to make sure my system is stable at that oc? I ran it for one hour and got what's in the first pic temp wise... Then I stopped it and ran Intel XTU for 2 hours and nothing max temp was 64c... Now I'm back on Aidia 64 and it's pretty much at the same temps... Back to my main point, how long should I run aida64?

A little over an hour

Currently right now

My method for checking overclocks is to change the settings, boot into windows, and run Cinebench a few times. If it doesn't crash I keep pushing. When I get to a point where I'm happy, I'll then run Aida64 for an extended period (Maybe a day).

I'm really happy with 4.6GHz, that's a pretty decently hefty OC. SO like 8-12 hours?

I think i replied to you in the other topic. Pretty much to verify an overclick, of course do the stress tests, but you also just gotta let some time pass by. Like I had already said, I tested my 4790k for stability at the stock 4.4ghz @ 1.088v. It passed everything, and then threw a blue screen one week later, while gaming. Now it's at the stock 4.4ghz @ 1.1v.

If it passes multiple benchmarks and several hours of AIDA64, it should be good. But you never know. XD

Pretty average chip, IMO. Anything under 4.7ghz doesn't require that much power in haswell. 1.18v to 1.24v. There was actually someone on another site that got 4.8ghz @ 1.18v. I'm jelly.

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I might try 4.8GHz at 1.18v in the future, just to see if I can

So far it's stable I think... I ran Aida for 4.5 hours no issues, Intel xtu for 2 at a max temp of 64c, a few cine benches, and 3dmark. Now can I overclock it to 4.8GHz and if I can't get it to work just go back to 4.6GHz at 1.20v and still be stable?

Yeah go for the 4.8ghz overclock. I'm sure you can get it there just fine. As for the voltage required, I'm not sure. Let's hope you have a great chip. lol. My 4790k requires 1.29v to get to 4.8ghz, so it's just average...

I haven't done any stability testing yet, but here's it at 4.8GHz 1.20v. EDIT: After an hour of aida64 it crashed... So I just went back to 4.6GHz, I'll try 4.8GHz whenever I get the Intel OC warranty.

You have already void it. They will know. They may still replace it if it breaks, but you will not be guaranteed equal or better than what you have.

Haswell benefits most from the IMC bump. The Devil's Canyon chips run crazy fast with higher speed DDR3. I am not having any speed problems with my 4790k at 4.5 GHz on stock voltage and my memory at 2200 MHz on 1.51 volts with looser 11 cas timing. I already know it can go higher, but I also know that my tuning plan covers it still and have already degraded a 2700k and 3770k in the last 3 years.

Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge were overall more restricted on the IMC but ran at higher core clocks with less expensive cooling. There will always be a few exceptions, but don't approach overclocking with that hope unless you have the tuning plan from Day #1 or just don't mind possibly losing money if the chip is not replaced.

XTU and Memtest86+ are more than adequate. Even booting a live Linux distro can cause a kernel panic on an unstable clock, and that will be one of the most reliable tests you can perform on hardware that is already known to boot at stock speeds. It also takes less than 5 minutes -- no brainer.

Most of the other tests were designed to degrade chips and sell licenses through forum posts. There is no benefit from running a stability test for hours upon end unless you're hosting a server, in which case you benefit more from a Xeon, ECC and a chipset that supports Xeon features. You are just burning electricity for the sake of telling other people online that you did it otherwise.

You're not going to damage that chip unless you go over 1.4V or temps get too high. Personally, I don't like going over 1.35V or 80°C.

Just put it at 1.22V @ 4.8. I think it'll be stable considering it took an hour for it to crash at 1.2.

Well it's sitting at 4.8ghz 1.22v. I ran intel xtu for 30 minutes and max temp was 66c. I ran a couple of cine benches had an impressive score of 900 + something and then gamed for an hour or two and seems stable. Gaming my temps stayed in the 38-51c range . Which is pretty impressive


Im so jealous....my 4790k needs 1.30V to maintain 4.6GHz stable, 4.7 is just not possible for me lol.

Nice. You've got a great chip on your hands. It's probably 5ghz capable.

So I have the min and max cpu core ratio at auto should I leave it or change it??? I think I'll stay at 4.8ghz unless I can get better cooling (water loop)... I'm running an h100i right now and what's funny is the fans are set to quiet. I idle int the mid 30s c and gaming is 38c - 51c

I just leave almost everything else on auto.

I'm too lazy to make the post here, but here's the link to what I have to ask.

Always use manual voltage. Do your stability tests and correct errors if there are. Taking your time and testing your configurations is the most important part of overclocking.

I fixed it by changing the voltage offset on adaptive. I run my stress tests at manual volts btw.