i7 4790k and GTX 780 Ti Watercooled

So my tech friends, I have a quick question for you experienced water coolers out there.

I am running (as the title states) i7 4790k and gtx 780 Ti all watercooled. I will be overclocking it all hard, probably even

overvolt the gpu. So I guess my question is this:


Is 480mm radiator able to cool this system with everything oc'd?


The rad will probably be EK Coolstream PE because it is high fin density, but quiet(dual fin design), I know JayTwoCents did an overview (Very very good airflow for 38fpi rad).

Here is the link,  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkdUx1oUR8A


Anyway, I just wanted to know if I need and additional 240 or 280 or some such rad.I will be running Noiseblocker E-loops PWM if it is helpfull (800 - 2400 rpm)

Or maybe Aerocool Dead Silence, cant decide yet. E loops i can ramp up for hard oc's or benchmarks but DS fans state that they have higher SP (on the website, but i am not sure if I should thrust it )



P.S. If you guys have a better rad of fan to recommend please do, just that it isnt Alphacool since I cant find it in my country anywhere, so no Alphacool, but everything else is ok

Is 480mm radiator able to cool this system with everything oc'd?

answer: Yes, easily.

N'Blockers ~ nice choice. Great fans. Also check out Scythe Gt's (if you dont mind the colour). Remember one of the goals of watercooling is silence so if you can get your fans set at a modest voltage ~ 5 to 7v with temps still good just leave it at that I reckon. I have my Gt's @ 5v and they push plenty of air.

Another rad to consider ~ XSPC RX480

Best of luck with it mate, should be a beast once ya done.