i7 4770k

yo Logan i was wondering what would be the most stable/powerful overclock on a 4770k on an msi z87 g45 motherboard with a closed loop.


You won't know until you try. You might reach 4.8 or you might get 4.1.

CPUs are not consistent in their overclocking capabilities. One 4770k might overclock further than a second 4770k on the same motherboard.

The Haswell series in particular seem very variant in their overclocking potential, it's all part of the silicon lottery. My i7-4770K overclocks pretty well on the ASUS Maximus VI Extreme board I have it on in my rig, however it's only clocked at 4.2GHz at the moment as I find that's a sweet spot for my gaming and other shenanigans. But, in general, if you have an "average chip" then you should be able to hit 4.5-4.6GHz with a closed loop on that board I'd say, more if you have a good piece of silicon!


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Welcome. And that was a good answer.

Haswell can be pretty moody, but most should manage 4.5-4.6, as you have said.

I tested my 4770k on an ROG mobo at 4.6-4.7 but I downclocked to 4.2 as that really is the sweet spot.

so 4.2 is mainly the sweetspot with a good 4770k?


4.2 is the sweet spot for any Intel processor. Which should easily be achieved on a 4770k. Most will overclock above to 4.5-4.6