I7 4770K stress test at stock causing temps

Ive just started to get more into overclocking and learning how to do it and overclock my pc, but i ran OCCT stress test and intel burn test and my temps are almost instantly sky rocketing to 90-100 degrees at stock, is it just my luck of the draw with cpu or cooling ? ive got a corsair H60 all in one water cooling and my idle temps are around 30-40 averaging at 32. any help would be great, im not fussed about getting an amazing overclock, its more the point of i want to learn how to do it all properly and be able to do it.

im running I7 4770K with the H60 on a Maximus VI Hero.

well your cooler is not realy the best one in the first place, but intel cpu´s are well known of running hot, especialy Haswell 1.0

i know its not great, but would have thought it could handle that much, if it turns out that it is just the cooler ill just wait a while, its temporary untill i have the money to do a full custom loop.

you could try to mount the stock cooler on it, set it back to stock speeds, and look how hot it gets then. could offcourse be something with the cooler it self.

But it shouldn't instantly skyrocket to 100°c , that points to bad thermal paste placement / bad pressure .


ok, ill do both, ill put stock cooler back on and check temps then put the H60 back on with reapplied thermal paste see how it helps =] thanks. 

if it does not work then rma the chip, cause then you probably have a bad one.

IBT is designed to throw CPU's into the thermal ceiling, it's completely unrealistic for any real world scenario, and usually throws out a delta T 10-20C higher than any other synthetic test in my experience...so, if you're running a reasonable synth bench (AIDA64) and you're hitting 70C at stock clock/voltage I would expect IBT to throw it that much higher, although 95-100 should definitelynot be happening at stock voltage w/H60.

Could have gotten a 212 EVO w/push/pull or even Noctua NH-D14 for that kind of money. I would expect the H60 to be better than the intel stock, redo your TIM application (more does not = better). Also, make sure that the H60's fan(s) are running at maximum RPM and haven't been controlled down for some reason either through the BIOS or software.

untick the 'AVX' option in occt. You'll hit the thermal limit in no time otherwise.

i would advice to use aida 64 as a stress tool, next to that you could run some passmark cpu mark tests, Cinebench render tests and what not.

sorry I haven't replied for a while, a mate came over and looked at it and he thinks its probably the thermal paste, he has the same cooler and OC to 4.4 I think, but on an I5, so I'm gonna re-do that at some point but need to get some isopropyl alcohol first so might be a little while. the H60 is more of a temporary thing, when i have the money I'm going to do a custom loop, I got the H60 just because I was been stupid and wanted water cooling, I don't know why i just don't really like air coolers =/ Thanks for the advise =]