i7 4770k And 280x Crossfire Build Help

HI I have recently saved up enough for a better pc that I want to be future proof for a little while (2-3 years) here is my part list: http://pcpartpicker.com/p/1TdCw

I want to keep it under $2000 but a little over is fine. The main questions that I have are would everything be compatible in the case that I have, and are there any parts that you would recommend over the ones that I currently have (mainly the ram since I have no clue what to get)? 

I'm mainly going to be using this for gaming and some Photoshop work and video making(Sony Vegas and maybe premiere). Nothing really intensive on the video side. 

I have a little experience in computer building; I built a i3/7770 pc last year which is what I'm upgrading from.

As for the 2 280x's in crossfire I heard Elric(techoftommorrow) say that the micro studdering has been fixed for single monitors is that true? Or any other general knowledge that you can give me on crossfire would be great.

Also the main reason that i want the Asus pro mother board is the one click overclock so I want to keep that if possible.

Thanks in advance.

Any full tower case will hold pretty much anything you throw in it so you are good on that aspect. SLI/Crossfire is definitely the way to go if you are looking to future proof especially with the 280x (nice choice on the Asus :D). You can never be to sure though when trying to "future proof" with what technology that is being developed and will be developed in this day of age. You never know when something game breaking will be around the corner but with $2000, you can get fairly close.

Good luck and have fun!