i7 4770 Question

Hi guys,

My rig currently has an i7 4770 (non K) in it and I was wondering if I'm going to take a big performance hit compared to an i7 4770K that is overclocked to say, 4.5 ghz. I'm worried that my current 4770 will not be near as good in the future (3-5 years) as an overclocked 4770K, if I were to just upgrade my graphics card down the road. Can you guys please help me to know of I made a mistake getting the non K version and how this will affect my computer in the future? 


well basicly your current 4770 non k will be totaly fine for the upcomming years in gaming. Offcourse you will see some performance increase, wenn you overclock a 4770K in some games. But its not realy that mind blowing.

in my opinnion not realy something to worry about.

Thanks! How big do you think the performance gap would be (like fps wise)?

maybe 2-3 fps is some games and 4-5 in others...nothing major.

Oh, ok thanks!

Save the money and invest in say a better gpu, ram with a higher clock, ssd ect. The performance difference will not be to much of a jump from a k and a non k. But upgrading those other items could really help your system. 

Don't worry the 4770 boosts up to 3.9 so 4.5ghz is only a 14% performance increase give or take 2-3%. So if a 4770 struggles than a 4770k at 4.5ghz will not be a lot better off. The i7 4770 will not bottleneck any gpu for years, especially now with mantle and dx12 offloading more processes to the gpu.

Thanks, I was hoping it wasn't too major.

why did you buy a 4770 in the first place when you just could have gotten a xeon e3-1230 v3

I have a 4770, there were no xeons available when I bought it. Plus I've been sitting on the decent integrated graphics that this chip has for months and I love how silent it is.

The performance increase with overclocking to around 4.4GHz in games is NEGLIGIBLE compared to stock. Even the 3 year old i7 2600k unoverclocked performs just as good in games, and with the current consoles gimped x86 performance, expect a lot of lifetime out of your CPU.

You can overclock a 4770 mildly through BCLK. I got a lucky chip and can do 4.2ghz at 1.175v, which is better than most 4770K average. The drawback is that it gets unstable after this and you have to take in consideration memory and PCI clockspeeds as well. With the 4770K you might get 4.2-4.5 with as easy as a few clicks in the easy to navigate UEFI, or let the motherboard's program do the work for you. 4way optimization gives me around 4.1ghz on all cores. Specs are in my profile.

Nice! Thanks!