i7 4770 or amd 8350

I need some help. I currently have a I5 2500 non k, this was my first build so i didn't know any better. My question is should i go for the I74770 if future games may be optimized for the amd 8 cores? Also do you guys think the next gen of amd cpu's will be AM3+ or would i need a whole new mobo for steamroller?

Most likely the same socket that's what they say.I dont know if i could recommend a 8350 coming from a 2500. I would sit tight and upgrade my gpu if need b, but the i7 is a great chip but seems overkill and over priced for just gaming.

Both are very good. It depends on what you are going to do with your computer. If you'll be just gaming, grab the 4770k, since it's a stronger CPU, but that's because no application can use all the 8 cores of the 8350. If you want to play BF4, grab the 8350. Also if you want a CPU to hold for a very long time, grab the 8350, since more and more games will be able to use more than 4 (or even 6) cores!

Yea i thought about that as well. Any ideas of what the r290 will be priced at? i have a 580 currently

I agree with Wargod.  I would stick with your current CPU for now.  It's plenty fast for gaming.  Just wait.  That's the best advice I can offer you right now.  No one knows what steamroller will bring, and haswell simply isn't worth it for the small gains in performance you get for the money.

I think moving to a new platform just for the FX 8350 is also a bad idea.  We don't know if steamroller will be supported on the AM3+ socket.  For all we know, steamroller may not even be released.  And if it is released and requires a whole new socket, you'll be stuck with AM3+ (unless you shell out a couple hundred of dollars on yet again another platform change).


At the moment in your particular situation, I don't think a CPU upgrade would be an economically sound decision.


What are the rest of your system's specs?

i was thinking the same thing it seems like in the future the 8 cores will be better than the i7's and thats what im looking at is future games

580 12gb 1333 ram and i5 2500 remember this is the non k version so should i really just deal with the crappy mobo and no oc and prob just get a new 290x? money isnt a issue i have 600 for a upgrade.

well thanks guys i'm going to wait and see what the new r290x has to offer. i'll prob wait another gen for a cpu upgrade. thanks all for your help

4770K is over kill for gaming. the decision would come down to a 4670K or the 8350. Which the 8350 would be the best case for the job. It's more all-around and with the new games taking more cores, Hyperthreading doesnt cut it. 

Because the 290x will launch at just under 600$ and the 280x is 300$, I would guess the 290 would be 400-500$.

If he's just gaming and has to stick with Intel for some mysterious reason, the i7 is a horrible choice when there is such a thing as an i5.

It all comes down to your wallet size and if you performance per watt is important to you.

i want overkill when i buy parts i like them to last at least 3 years so i think its worth it in the long run

Do you know what motherboard you have exactly?  Also, what PSU do you have?  You need to make sure these things are ready for any GPU upgrades, especially the PSU.

Depending on the motherboard and your PSU, I say yes.  Stick with it for now and grab a nice GPU upgrade to accommodate your gaming needs.  Depending on your resolution, a 290x may be overkill.  If money isn't an issue, then a 290x could possibly be a great card.  We don't know just yet though since we don't have any benchmarks to go by.  I also have trouble recommending things that cost more than what they are worth.  I would recommend something like the R9 290 instead.  Definitely wait for some benchmarks and reviews though. Make sure it's worth your time and money.