i7 3930k or wait for the 4930k?

From what Ive been reading(yes i know theyre just rumors) the Ivy Bridge-E 4930k looks like the same specs as the 3930k with just a 100mhz boost in clock speed.  Is it worth the wait for such a small bump or should i just pull the trigger on the 3930k?

The 3930k is plenty fast, as it is. The 4930k will be outrageously priced, at first - stick with the 3930k.

+1 Go wiht a 3930K, its faster than most people will need, at least it will be for 2-3years, and the 4930k is far off, and not to much faster 10-15% so says intel.

to save some money i would wait until the 4930k comes out and the get the 3930k because the price will be lowered once the next gen cpu's come out.  And also there will be only a 10% performance increase in the haswell cpu's but a lot more gpu power in the haswell cpu's but ts your choice.

There's no major architecture changes to my knowledge in Haswell, all the changes are supposedly more geared towards mobile.  As such, I'd just get the 3930k now.  

BTW to everyone, it will be SB-E to IB-E, so the Performance changes would relate more to sandy bridge to ivy bridge.

I'd say wait till the next gen comes out and if the 4930k is alot better at a similar price get that, if there's not much difference in the preformance get the 3930k as it will probably cost less.