I7 3820 (in a x79 mobo) upgrade

I got my hands on a gigabyte ga-x79-ud3 motherboard with a i7 3820 cpu in it basically for free. I'm wondering if any of you people have a suggestion for a viable cpu upgrade that doesn't break the bank?

I know the lga2011 socket supports alot of xeon cpus I don't know anything about, some of them are dirt cheap on ebay, others extremely expensive. The i7 3820 I have does support some overclocking with a partially unlocked multiplier (goes to 43) and ofc further overclocking through the base clock. Haven't really pushed it yet but 4.3GHz should be fine, 4.5 should be obtainable, 4.7 could be possible with alot of tweaking... Maybe...

So, are there any cpus worth considering that can compete with this 4 core 8 thread part? A cheap cpu, maybe a xeon cpu easily accessible on eBay or something?


Forgot to mention - primarily use my rig for ultrawide gaming (Acer predator x34), research, some multi desktop use and considering getting into a bit of video editing and maybe try some livestreams just for fun. Not sure about the last two tho... Ofc looking for the biggest bang for the buck cpu possible that is better than the i7 3820. if it's too expensive I'd rather just build a new pc 🤣

3930K or 4930K 6 core 12 threads parts would be a reasonable upgrade.

Like the price! (checked ebay)
Thank you I'll read up a bit because I know so little about the x79 platform and cpus it support :+1:

try grabbing a 3960X, they are cheap and quite powerful; and so easily OC ed !; plus you should not run into some bios problems with the 4930 or 3930; I am running 5 X79 s and all are running on 3960X at 4.4GHz (44X), not heat problems running with water cooling or free air. ( to be aware of in case of a floored system ).
I have had far lesser problems with the 3960X than with the 3930 or 4930 (not unlocked or just partially), and the performance...............well you ll see and be literally amazed with real life performance not the bench test specs.
I have not gone to X99, and I am most happy I did not. Not so many happy campers in X99.......

.also more cache with 3960X.........very precious ! (IMO)

also I am not on win10 except one my gaming rigs.......not so impressed (not at all as a matter of fact) all win 7 pro

E5-2690s can be found for $125 and would be a nice upgrade for that system.

3960X, noted! :+1:
Reading about 4930K now and it doesn't look too bad. Not too expensive, decent performance, overclocking friendly as far as I can see.

I'll check out what the interwebs says about the 3960X and how much I have to pay for one now. Thanks for the advice :kissing_heart:

I think I've read about the E5 2690 before... Not sure but I'll look into it again just to be sure. :+1:

Thanks for the advice

I'm running a 3930K clocked at a very conservative 4GHz. It's five years old but can still hold it's own for most daily tasks. If should be noted that it can be outperformed by a Ryzen 6 core that costs around $220. Just be aware of this as some on eBay have unrealistic expectations when it comes to pricing of old CPU's. Especially ones that cost as much as a 3930K did when new.

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Yeah I was actually wondering about that. I expect Ryzen cpus to be better, but how much better are they? I was considering Ryzen before I got this mobo - but now that this mobo was basically free I figured I could buy a Intel extreme or xeon and get close to the same performance... How far off will I be with the 3930K?

All K sku´s are fully unlocked.

Ryzen has about Haswell-E / Broadwell-E performance.
Its slightly better, but it depends allot on the particular tasks you are gonne use it for.
In terms of gaming performance and such, the 4930K / 3930K and such, are still plenty capable.
Its probablly not really gonne be worth it from a raw cpu perspective.
But like i said it highly depends on the particular workflow.
I dont really think that you can get much better performance for the price,
wenn buying a used 4930K or such.

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Im going to OC my 3820 as far as I can first to see what it's capable of before considering upgrading. But with it overclocked atleast I have some numbers I can compare it to after I benchmark it vs the mentioned CPUs in this thread. :+1: