i7 3770k - what is the highest I can safely overclock?

Hello! This is my first post on this forum - I already love the community here. 


Anyway, about my question - I have just recently purchased all of the parts for my first entirely self built rig. The full specs are on my profile (if you need links to the parts, I can provide) but basically, I have an Intel i7 3770k processor and a Phanteks PH-TC14PE CPU cooler. Given the combination, what is the safest that I could overclock my processor to? I have no experience overclocking, so I have no idea. I have a great vision for this computer - I plan on doing a lot of photo, video, and audio editing and a lot of heavy gaming so I figured a hyperthreaded processor that was overclocked would be the best solution. Thank you for any information or advice you can provide!


-Brennan Riddell

Start with raising cpu ratio to somewhere about 42-46, than stress-test it to see if its stable. If it is raise it by 1 until it gets unstable, and maybe at that point you would want to increase voltage, but not to mutch. Maximum 1.335, so you dont fry you cpu and mb. When you're done with that run a benchmark program again, for at least 2h (you can always run it for 24h to be 100% sure). If it doesnt crashes, that's it.
PS: Voltage is the second lstep and it's not neccesary if you get desired speeds with cpu ratio only...
Happy overclocking!  

Edit: I saw your specs after writting this post. You got maximus v so you should have a program called AI Suite II. When you open it find under Tool tab TurboV EVO. In there you have a tab that shows where all this from above could be set. You're interested in tab  called "CPU level up". After that it's fairly simple to overclock. Just choose witch speed you want, click start and you're done.