I7 3770k, 670 4gb (2 questions at end, answer ASAP pls)

Okay im going to start off with the first part of this saying this will be my second build of my life, my first one was 4 years ago and i loved making my own and all of that. I spent just around the same amount as i did 4 years ago so money is not my problem, im still looking for that 3-4 year longevity with no problem having to get a new graphics card in a year or two so just the main components im worried about (I game, edit, render, all that fun jazz just for insite)

I also have 2 questions at the end

ASUS Maximus V Formula mobo

I7 3770k 

H100 push pull

16gb corsair dominator platinum

EVGA GTX 670 4gb superclocked+ edition

WD black 1tb (for only storage)

2x OCZ Vertex 4 128gb SSDs (Game storage and OS)


First question

Im concidering using my old HAF X that i bought a year ago, or getting the Rosewill blackhawk ultra full case tower (in love with it)

anyone have thoughts on which one?

Second question (little lengthy)

The maximus V formula has 8 four pin fan conectors and ASUS has its fan controller program that ill have installed

The Rosewill and the HAF X use 3 pin connectors for the fans...well can I still plug in the 3 pins into the 4 pins and be able to controll them? or do i have to get a converter from 3 pin to 4? if so give me a link please

And i dont want to buy a drive bay fan controller btw!


Thanks again guys, 




I'm pretty sure you have to have a 4-pin connector on a fan in order to control it. I don't think an adapter would help with that. Someone correct me if I'm wrong though.

When it comes to the cases, I personally have a HAF X, so I can definitely vouch for it. The only issue I have with it is that, if I ever end up water cooling it, I'm going to have to mod it a little bit to do what I want, because I want to fit a 360mm radiator and a 240mm radiator in it. It only has space for up to a 360mm radiator though, so I'm going to have to cut part of the hard drive cage out and drill some holes in the bottom of my case to mount the extra 240mm radiator. Other than that, I wish there was a little more space so I could better fit a long tube reservoir in it. Other than that, it's an amazing case though. I just have some very niche preferences for how I might want to mod it if I ever get a custom loop going.

That Rosewill case does look like a beast though, and it definitely has more cable management than the HAF X. It's also got tons of mounting points for fans and hard drives. It looks like it has about the same setup for radiator placement as the HAF X, although you could probably mount some radiators to that side panel if you really wanted to. It's also gigantic. It looks like it's quite a bit larger than the HAF X. I might have to recommend the Rosewill over the HAF just because it's so feature rich.