i7 2720QM compared to desktop CPU's

Ok, so currently I have a laptop with an i7 2720QM (Lenovo Y570)

and I would really love to know how fast it is compared to the desktop counterparts. I would like to know which desktop cpu is equivalent to the 2720QM in performance etc.

I've been search high and low for comparisons, but does anyone have any idea?


... why does it really matter

mobile cpu's will never be as powerful as desktop counterparts when you think ivy bridge top of the line desktop cpu you cant compare that to the ivy bridge top of the line mobile cpu more like a sandybridge i5 


It matters because I fully regret getting a laptop and I was wondering where this things ball parks if it was a desktop, so I want to know how much money I wasted.


An i7 mobile CPU eh? Probably as powerful as an i3 desktop at best.