i5 Gaming PC

Alright I think I found out how to put a i5 3570Kk intel CPU into a $850 build while having a ATX mobo with all the latest requirements(USB 3.0, sata 3.0). Can you tell me if I actually have all the parts needed to build this pc?


I do plan on getting two 550 Ti Superclocked GPUs & a Hyper 212 EVO heatsink fan.

It's sucks that you have to inclued the OS into the budget and I would invest more money into the gpu for sure. I'd try to squeeze a 7870 in there, also on a budget rig don't waste money and a ivy bridge. Go sandy bridge with a 2500k, more overclockable and less money which will give you more room for gpu horsepower. Other than that seems very soild sir.

Alright, like I said though about the GPU is I wanted to SLI the 550 Ti Superclocked. I'll see about that though  & I'll look for a Sandy bridge i5 2500K.

Amazon doesn't say if this is sandy bridge. =P Is this? here This only saves me $1. The other CPU has a higher clockspeed for a buck extra. Btw, I only want to play some BF3, MoH: Warfighter (Maybe) and WoW(Mainly). World of warcraft is not that GPU intensive but I still want to get the most I can out of this system.

I'll build one in the morning

Ok, what do you think is wrong with this system though? I'm trying to learn all I can about PC building & such.

Yes that is a Sandy Bridge. If you want to overclock the 2500k would be better for overclocking because it doesn't heat up as much and as easily, but to be honest if you are only saving $1 go for the 3570k ivy bridge. Also, that is a amazing deal on the motherboard. I would go for this GPU http://www.amazon.com/MSI-R7870-Twin-Frozr-2GD5/dp/B007NG3WRC/ref=sr_1_11?ie=UTF8&qid=1349677726&sr=8-11&keywords=7870

Ouch that'll hurt my budget. I'll talk to my wife. =P

don't worry I'm the master of affordable, I'll let you know whats wrong after I make a list, I don't know specifically yet  because I haven't made the list yet ( every list is somewhat unique) but my list are gennerally bettter than the OP

Ok, cool. as you do that I'll work on my HTML skills. =) (Just because. =P)

Well... I'm simply not needed here anymore, Giga will work his magic. But if you want to check out this http://www.kbmod.com/2012/10/01/pc-build-guide-october-2012/ it should give you a ballpark of what you want and can get at this price point. Giga will probably come back with something that looks like this also.

Thanks for that info.

well there are cheaper cases that provide just as much cooling as such as the rosewill case.  For that level of GPU and CPU you won't need a 750w PSU.  The board I listed uses high quality parts, quality control, Digi-vrms and USAP USB 3.0 which is real USB 3, it also supports crossfire and SLI and your PSU can handle 2 7850s in crossfire. I didn't include a heatsink in the price becasue a 3570K will not hold your FPS back at stock, but has the potential to overclock if you ever decide to get a heatsink, the 212 Evo will not give you an overclock over 4Ghz while being thermally safe, its a good heat sink for other things but for this its pretty useless for $30

if you want to overclock I highly recommend the coolermaster TPC 812 it can handle anything, its like 2C higher than a H100 and its air cooling and quieter

here is a comparison between the 550Ti and the 7850



anandtech is a great tool for comaparing CPUs, SSDs, and GPUs and this site is a good PSU calculator


Ok, cool. I do have to say this though. It isn't really fair to compair those two cards when yours costs almost $200. I will probably go with your system though.

I have one problem with your buidlt here giga and that is the ram i am currently using the exact same kit as you have there and its xmp is nowhere to be found when i oc it to its correct settings it is unstable at 1.65v i dont get it not my mobo or bios either fullly updated and and made sure to try reflash bios several times even using older versions. im not happy with the ram at all gonna just go ahead and buy myself some mushkin ram never had problems in the past with that. sorry just what i have experienced. =/

I'll probaby invest in higher quality ram.

The Reviews said it was good, you may have gotten a bad stick or two, there are some G.Skill Ares that are like 3 bucks more, PNY too