i5 6600k vs FX9590 for streaming?

Hello there peoples!

I need some advice! I'm looking to upgrade my system, as you already read, I need a great cpu for streaming, now i understand that the i5-6600k outperforms the fx-9590 in games and single core performance, but with the streaming element, would it be advantageous to have the extra 4 cores for rendering in x264. If it helps i also have a lot of stuff that requires a little of the cpu, my 7.1 audio is encoded with the cpu since its usb. same with my mic.
not sure if that matters, but also my CEVO client runs when i stream which keeps using an average of 12% cpu.

My current platform is amd, so it would be cheaper not having to purchase new ram and a new water cooler. but would the DDR4 bandwidth make up for for the lack of cores in terms of encoding and scene switching in OBS? thanks a million guys! p.s. i fried my Mobo, that's kinda why I'm considering an Intel switch up.

The extra cors would be benificals in multi tasking like streaming and I dont thing the ram would make a huge diffrence but on the other hand you could go with the i5 and have the upgradabliity options to go to an i7

I lost my brackets when i moved, all i have left is the bracket that's in my pc. how is the performance on the 4790k vs the 9590?

What do you already have? No one should be buying the 9xxx series chips, you need a 200 dollar motherboard just to run it properly, I think the only reason anyone would ever need one is for rapid winrar compression/extraction

sorry I miscalculated the i7 is $100 over that my bad

currently have the FX6300

all good, so the 9590 would be a decent choice?

Should go for an 8320e then if anything, though you should be well off with the 6300, try using DXtory to stream rather than going solely off the CPU

Did you just destroy the board or the cpu too?

I think it could be the cpu too, it boots but only runs for about 1 hour before blue screens, says physical memory error, replaced the ram but still has the error, i suppose it could the memory controller on the cpu. but either way i'll probably just get a new mobo anyways

It started doing this about 3 months after i overclocked, had it stable at 4.3 on all 6 cores.

iv'e used my GPU in obs, NVENC but it lacks the quality of x.264 and graphically intense games + streaming don't bode well

(edit) yup i am wrong about this thanks for clearing this up thecaveman

my original post: i would go for a Xeon E3-1225v5 4 cores boost up to 3.7 ghz and hyperthreading basically a cheap i7 6700 -100/300mhz

First, that Xeon does not include hyperthreading. That is the locked I5 version of a Xeon, so its 4 threads and 4 cores. E3 Xeon's that have the nomenclature of 1230 or greater are the ones that include hyperthreading like an I7.

Second, Skylake Xeon's are not like the previous generations where they can run on consumer chipsets to my knowledge. So a 1225 v5 will not run in a z170 board, but a 1225 v2 would run in a Z87 board.

For streaming and gaming, my recommendation would be to get the 6600k and use QuickSync in OBS as you said you use that program. That way, you get the better gaming performance of the 6600k and equivalent, flawless, streaming performance.

i look into it

blam! sounds like a plan! thanks man!

Well what motherboard are you using?

and I'm not sure if DXtory is the same as just a codec, there's also the raptr software that will let you stream with your GPU

Gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3

FX9590 is allmost never a good choice tbh.
If you want to go with a FX8 core, then just grab a FX8350.

Your cheapest upgrade would be a FX8350.
But an intel Xeon E3-1231-V3 + H97 mobo would also be a good choice.