i5 6600K Reviews

I haven't seen other comprehensive review of this chip, which gives me an impression that this is less appealing to the consumers compared to the i7 6700K.

Does it also mean that the improvement over the i5 4690K is very negligable?

The 6600k is actually a really good chip. Definitely worth the price over the 4670k. Single core performance is up 6-10%, and it has more overclocking potential then the previous 4690k. With the price of DDR4 plummeting, the 6600k is made even more enticing in my humble opinion. The only reason to buy a 4670k anymore is if you get it on super fire sale, but that is a rare find indeed.

Ahem, Doesn't exist xP

But nah, 6600k and 6700k are nothing ground breaking.

Well good to hear that! I'm planning to upgrade soon and the difference between 6600K and 4670K is $15 to $20, However I am factoring in the cost of new RAM I currently own 8GB of DDR3.

Do you currently have a 4690k? Because if you do I'd advise against upgrading to a 6600k. If your buying a whole new system, its worth the couple dollars more to get the 6600k. But if you already have the 4690k, then its not worth the cash to buy a whole new cpu, ram and motherboard. Your much better off putting that money into a better graphics card because that will be a much bigger gaming improvement.

Really? you think so? oh by the way I made a typo its 4690K not 4790K :)

Sorry, didn't mean to be one of those jerks that correct people. lol

I have a 4670k and have no intention to upgrade my platform until Cannonlake or Zen in late 2016/2017. If you have a Haswell i5 I wouldn't recommend you do either.

But that's not to say there aren't reviews.

If you have a 4690K or even a 3570K I really don't think it is worth upgrading. Especially if you are just gaming.
Unless you really want a feature the new platform offers I'd wait until the next Intel CPU or Zen.

well honnestly if you are currently rocking a 4670K, and all you care about is mainaly gaming.
Then upgrading to Skylake doesnt make much sense at all.
Hence even if you still rock on an overclocked 2500K, you still up to spec for playing the newest games.

Of course the skylake platform is newer, and has some nice feutures to offer.
The DMI 3.0 interface will ofc also help allot with connectivity arround the board.
And some of the instruction sets like AVX2.0 will help improving in rendering over Sandy and ivybridge for example.

But pure from a raw cpu performance standpoint, and a gaming performance standpoint, its not worth it.

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