i5 4690k vs i7 4790

hye fokes

I'm hovering between the I5 4690k and the i7 4790 

i'm just wandering can i get equal spec on the I5 if i overclock it and save money that way, or just go for the i7?

Depends what you're doing with it? The i7 4790 will the better productivity chip.

Well depends on your needs.  i5 will do great for gaming, i7 is better for productivity.  For price to performance the i5 will be the bigger bang for the buck. The i7 won't benefit in gaming with the HT but will perform better in video editing, 3d work (maya, blender, max, game engines, animation, etc.).

i'm gonna use the system for gaming and photoshop and illustrator stuff

i5 will be perfectly capable then, go with that and use the $100 difference on other upgrades then.