i5 4690k Showing 0 to small amounts of vcore voltage

I recently got a i5 4690k to replace my dead fx 8320, and upon replacement i got notifications from Asus Ai Suite that the vcore was off...

I checked with HWMonitor and it too showed 0

What is going on... any help?

looks like the sensors might be fucked.

go fiddle around and see if you can get anything to work

where exactly can i find the sensor lol?

you can't fix the sensor, its in the motherboard/CPU.

just fiddle with bios settings and see if any combinations of things work.

your cpu should be fine at stock, but I don't think with that issue you will be able to do much overclocking unless you can RMA.

any spare mobos you can test the CPU in?

unfortunately i do not have any motherboards laying around... i just got the cpu and mobo today... what in the bios can i mess around with to see if i can get a reaction... and what would i RMA the mobo or cpu?

the RMA part I don't know, you need to trouble shoot to figure out what, my bets on the mobo how ever.

but change the volages and voltage modes etc and check what the bios is reporting

So i went into the bios and according to its sensors the Vcore voltage is about .992 idling... is that normal? and what about the +3.3V what is normal voltage?

okay upon further inspections... of other peoples HWMonitor screen shots and finding out that Asus Ai Suite is shit... that the Ai suite has the +3.3V and the 12v switch for some strange reason, but HWMonitor does not... i.e the 3.3v meter shows 12 and the 12v meter shows 3.3... strange

so its fine? typical Asus haha

yeah everything is all good... sorry you were trying to help for nothing :P

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glad its fixed dude!