I5 4690k or FX8350?

Yo I'm planning to upgrade my system once taxes roll around (Which is a good distance away) but I've had a hard time to either ditch AMD and go with the Intel, or stick with AMD and get a better processor. I've read quite the amount of post and I've only seen Intel fanboys respond to the topic of AMD or intel. I wanted to know if my 970 would get a better performance boost out of the 8350 or the i5?

System specs:

AMD FX6300 OC'D to 4.3ghz
Cooler Master Hyper 212+
Gigabyte GA-970A-UD3P
Corsair Vengeance LP 8gb (2x4gb)
Corsair CX500m
MSI Geforce GTX 970
Western Digital caviar green 2tb
Samsung 850 EVO 120gb (Arriving in a week)

An upgrade to an 8350 wont make much difference. You may as well go skylake and ddr4 if you upgrade though.



There are some links that may help guide you with the hardware you requested specifically, you can probably find this stuff but what the hey. I second BGL's reply though.

Definitely the 4690K. I have an 8350 (and like it) but if I went back to when I built my PC I would have went with an i5 instead.
Better gaming performance, in most cases better general performance and less heat output.

EDIT: a word.

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the i5 is realy better indeed.
I have a FX8350 aswell, and as much i like the chip for the workloads i trow at it.
But I cannot ignore the fact, that Haswell / Skylake i5´s or i7´s are just better allround cpu´s for gaming.
Especialy if you play cpu demending games like mmo´s and such.

There is realy nothing to argue about.

The only thing you should ask your self right now.
Are you happy with the performance you currently get from your setup?

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As of now, yes I am currently happy with the performance that I am get out of my PC

Skylake will not produce tons of extra frames over the 8350, as in, people I know have not seen a HUGE difference given the price. I would recommend skylake only if you had yet to build a machine.
However, If you are dead-set on upgrading NOW. I would go skylake.
If you can tell yourself that things are REALLY not a problem right now, Id wait for zen and overclock that 6300 or get a good deal on the 8350, then save for the DDR4, mobo and chip of zen.

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Then why worry? Your fine

If you realy feel the need that you should upgrade.
Then maybe an upgrade to Skylake is also something to concider maybe.

If you could sell your cpu, mobo and ram for a nice price.

Just for future preference, most people I know run with AMD, and they can't answer my questions i have with intel

I'd have to agree with MisteryAngel and all the other posts actually. Haswell and Skylake i5/i7 is a better performer. But if you are happy with your performance now and want a little boost, the 8320 would be a good choice. If you're on a budget you can overclock the 8320. If not, definitely go to skylake. DDR4 plus better overclocking (hopefully)! My Haswell 4670k has been an awful overclocker and from what I've read it is a common problem. Granted 4690k could be a different story. Z170 Motherboards are pretty flashy looking too, which could be a big plus... or negative.

Skylake i5. Really on a budget FX 8320. ORRRR even keep 6300 and go GTX 980Ti or AMD Fury?

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Intel is great, but there's no point if you're happy with what you have. If you did go Intel, I'd snag a 5820k though, otherwise the difference between an 8350 and i5 is negligible... Especially considering you'd need a new board. I used to use an 8370 (for around a month), and it was fast enough to do most things I do just fine... But I use Linux and the 5820k is a compilation beast... Yet I rarely compile anything lol. Fallout 4 is single core dependent as well. And you can see huge jumps with a 5820k there... Not so much with an i5.

i think that you will see a higher performance boost from an Skylake i5 in games that are realy cpu core demending,
then from a 5820K tbh.
But both are overclockable ofc.

Probably, but point being, I can't see a price justification here with his current setup. An overclocked 5820k would've been a better example in comparison to a 4690k (what the OP brought up)

NM. The OP didn't bring up the 4690k... Don't know where I got that

In the title son, that is where I brought it up

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I'm a little blind (literally) :)

I understand that.
I would say, it simply depends allot on the games he is playing and how he play´s them mainaly.

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Forgot to mention, I currently have no set budget on what processor I want. But fom ProSonicLive's response, II may considering going for zen. Now the real question is?... Wait for Zen.. Or go with skylake??