i5 4690k HWmonitor "IA Voltage offset"?

Hi! So I recently started to tweak my i5 4690k. My goal was to get 4.0ghz stable with less than stock voltages to get lower temperatures, lower noise and ~same power consumption as stock. I started searching the right voltage with "Manual voltage" as usual and figured out that the 1.050mV should be enough for stable overclock. I switched to Adaptive voltage and set the voltage offset to -0.040mV and booted in to windows. When I looked in to HWmonitor it showed IA Offset ~+2.000V. I noticed that it wasn't normal because usually when I set voltage offset in Adaptive for example +0.020, IA Offset shows +0.020 . Is there something wrong or is it just HWmonitor goofing around?