i5 4690k bottleneck on GTA 5

im running a r9 390 and a i5 4690k OC to 4.2 GHz. When i play GTA 5 my processor runs at 100% and is bottlenecking. Should that processor be bottlenecking over GTA? I am not streaming or anything like that

I wouldn't really be surprised. GTA V has a heck of a lot of stuff going on in it once. Does your pc have any hidden processes going on in the back ground?

no i checked that on my second monitor while the game was running, i can see it being entirely possible just want to see if others were getting the same results.

Hmmm. That is a bit odd. It shouldn't have 100% usage with a 390. That cpu should be able to handle much more, unless you are at a rather low resolution of have the settings way low or perhaps have a very high frame rate.

most settings are maxed and im running at 1080p. i get ab out 80 fps now

Oh, well try turning some of the settings up to shift the load to the gpu more. 80fps is about where the 4690k tops out, so might as well max out the gpu as well. They should both max out around there at 1080p, so try maxing everything.

i just went in and maxxed every setting possible so like the distance shading and what have you was up and the fps really didnt change, but the cpu was still maxed GTA was using aroun 90-95% of the cpu during gaming.

And how is the gpu's usage doing?

When I play GTA V I usually always have both 100% CPU and 100% GPU.
Usually turn down settings at 1440P so I can spike above 60FPS
In very dense areas it will drop to around 20 to 25 FPS.

Turn up the volume !
5ghz or bust


it was still running at a constant 100%

@KuramaKitsune HAHA i definitely tried with less then smashing result

Uhm, what is the problem exactly? CPU and GPU are doing what they are supposed to do... GTA uses the Hardware. Why is that a bad thing?

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i just don't think the game should be using up all of that processor. i really wanted someone to chime in who has an i7 to tell what they were getting. im assuming it doesn't max that out but then again i never thought it would on mine.

You are doing just fine.

alright thank you! that was very helpful.

But, my CPU only uses 30% power on GTA V at 50-60 fps. I have an i7 5820K at stock speeds

Keep in mind that GTA V is one of those extremely rare games where RAM speed for some reason matters. Could always try to OC your RAM a bit.

I have Cheap and Slow DDR4-2133MHz

the only thing i can think of is the game likes more than 4 cores and it uses hyper threading on the i7. Maybe i am over simplifying things but it still doesnt add up in my head.