i5 4670k turbo boost question

Hello all I have a question regarding turbo boost on my 4670k on games. When I play something like BF4 or BF3 (that I have been having performance issues in which I'm pretty sure are CPU related) my CPU speed is only 3.6 (or like 3.597/3.596 according to CPU-Z) instead of the 3.8 that is advertised. Why is this?

If it's running hot it won't turbo all the way, or if it doesn't think it needs to. If your CPU utilization isn't high while playing battefield 4 then it may not think it needs to run at 3.8 and instead runs at something lower.

If your temps are fine you could try turning turbo off and just overclocking it manually to 3.8

It's usually around 80-90% usage.


i can check temps later tonight by last time I checked i think it was around low to mid 60's what is the threshold for temps cpu wise?

100C before throttling for Intel CPUs.

Just overclock it. You should be able to get to 4.0 easily, without adding any voltage or anything.

really? I thought even something like 4.0 would require some voltage increase.

Also 100C before throttling isent the safe temp, correct? I have heard people say that 65-70C is the max you want to push on a CPU

I think it's because of the way the Turbo mode works. If a Programm/Game just uses One Core the CPU goes up to 3.8Ghz . . . Two Core's 3.7Ghz . . . all Core's 3.6Ghz. Just Overclock the CPU it's really simple, but you need an extra Cooler the Intel one is Crap!


For AMD the max safe temp (officially) is 61C. But can get to around 70 before you need to worry about it, really. But intel can get to 90-100 before it hits a non safe temp.

Ideally, though, youll always want a low CPU temperature. But it wont be damage by reaching the aforementioned temps.

In a theoretical situation what would be the downsides of the CPU running in that 90's range compared to like 65 other than the fan running louder?

Here's a 4570 running BF3 (BF4 runs very similar on my machine, but unfortunately I don't have screen shots of that). 


In BF4 I see more even loads across all 4 cores and 80-90% total CPU load. Also, in BF4 it sits between 3.4 and 3.6 across all cores. 

But check this out... It's a non-k part that is supposed to only turbo to 3.6 but I've seen it push up to almost 3.8 on all cores. 


This was while running an older game (Cyrsis 2) and I'm assuming, like others here have mentioned, that it has to do with the number of cores in use and the load on said cores. 

To the OP; if I'm not having any performance issues in BF4 with a 4570, then you shouldn't have any with a 4670k. What GPU are you running?

running at 90 for a few minutes when the CPU is maxed out should only happen with a stock cooler. and for a short time, it wont do any damage, but if you run it at 90 normally, for everyday use, it will shorten the lifespan of the CPU. 

At the higher 90 range, and into 100C, the CPU will throttle, and you will massively lose performance. 

The cooler you keep things, the better they will run.



i am am using a r9 280x. I consistantly get 80-90% on CPU and get constant drops down to 50's and 40's mostly on maps like siege, zavod, daw breaker.

Forgot to mention, I'm running a winforce HD7950 3GB along with the i5-4570 and in the BF4 beta I was getting over 50fps average running at 1080p with ultra settings.

So considering your R9-280x is essentially a HD7970ghz edition, it goes to show how CPU-intensive BF4 is.

As far as I know, BF4 is still very unoptimized. But as long as you're running at well over 40fps for the majority of the time, then it really isn't a performance issue. Seeing as how we both have similar specs and are seeing similar performance, i don't think there are any problems with your system. The game just simply needs more optimization.

oh gosh my  deleted post also deleted you comment  im sorry.

But your right, i was mistaking, the turbo does work on all 4 cores but the turbo stepping gets lower.

Yeah majority of the time i am over 40 but i see alot of people with haswell i5's and similar GPU's claiming they dont have these performance issues. Im pretty certain this performance started occuring after the december 20th patch

ok. I overclocked it to 4.0 and my temps right now are sitting around 68C under load.


Though i was hoping it would alleviate some of the performance issues i was having in BF3 and BF4 but it seems to have had no effect.

I still don't see what the "performance issue" is that you're referring to. I just quickly skimmed the net for BF4 benchmarks with i5's and GPU's similar to the GTX 760/HD7950 range and both of us are reporting performance that is right on par and in some cases a little better than what those benchmarks show. Anything around 50fps average for 1080p on ultra settings is just fine and right on the money. So, again, I don't really see how there's any performance issue here. 

because back when i bought my PC i was getting 60 FPS stable during gameplay, now im getting frames that go in the 50's and 40's which is pretty unplayable when adjusting from fighting against player at 60 FPS and then suddenly going to 45 FPS.

When I was playing the BF4 beta (don't have the full version yet, waiting for price to come down), I had to run with V-sync on because it was often wanting to push well over 60fps. But when the action got heavy, down into the 40's it would drop. 

To me, 40fps is almost as smooth as 60fps. I can barely tell the difference. Getting into the 30's, yes, for sure I can see the difference, but anything over 40 is and should be plenty smooth enough.

To each, his/her own. But I certainly wouldn't call this a performance issue and there's nothing wrong with your PC. It's just the way the game runs. Perhaps when the mantle update is released, it will run a little better for ya. :)

For me its completly different. I can easily see the difference between 60 FPS and 55 FPS. In certain areas of specific maps any action at all (even if its just a one on one action) causes the FPS to go under 60