I5 4670K problems, need help/inputs

CPU:    http://ark.intel.com/products/75048/

MOBO: http://www.msi.com/product/mb/Z87-G45-GAMING.html#overview


Short; 2 friends bought the same MOBO and CPU.

The first build started without any problems.

The second build did not work. We didnt get any picture(Couldnt see bios or anything for that matter...)

The only thing that separatet the builds, is the memorys and PSU they are using. We swaped the memory and it didnt help at all.

We tryd every memory slot, with one stick and 2. WE tryd 1-3 2-4 & 1,2,3,4 (with his new memorys and other guys memory (that worked in his build, same procedure 1,2,3,4...)

We also tryd the 3 diffrent video signals(hdmi,vga,dvi), no diffrents at all.



The only thing we didnt try was to use his PSU. We let it be for some days(didnt have time ex.)

We toke my PSU and tryd


Didnt work. So my question is this, can some one tell me if my PSU even support this feature?

Hell, i dont even know what that feature is called. Not even sure what it those, let the CPU use as little as 0.05A?



Dose my PSU support Haswell and Z87?



OR do some one have any idea what can be the problem here?

Every thing starts and running, no picture(signal) when using the APU.

We also tryd out two diffrent GPU cards. no diffrent..


PS we toke it apart and put it toghter again(to see if we could see, some bend pins or what ever).


Best Regards Tomas


Oh Almost forgot, what is the symptoms?


I just found this link;


Seems like my PSU do support it. So now we are back at sqaure one :p


PS lol now i found that you could just turn it off in bios(C6/C7) and it will work with any PSU.

So yea, did i answer my self? :p (had a break throw with google hehe)


More then happy still, if any one have any ideas of what the hell could be the problem here.