i5 4670k Overclock

Hey everyone,

So today I attempted to overclock my CPU and just wanted a little advice. I have just preformed a stress test on my CPU with OCCT and everything was going great until just over 3 hours of testing and it said I had an error. So I was thinking does this mean its unstable or can I still use this overclock?

All help is appreciated.  

Overclock Info:

CPU: i5 4670K

Core Speed: 4.4GHz

Core Voltage: 1.223v

Max temps idle: 34 degrees Celsius 

Max temps whilst stress testing: 78 degrees Celsius

In theory, any kind of error/failure when stress testing is a sign of instability. However in practice, 85% of the time your PC will never be pushed as hard as when it is undergoing stress testing, even when running the most recent games and demanding programs. In my opinion you should be fine leaving it but if you want to be safe, just increase the CPU voltage up a tad.