i5 4670k or i7 4770k

Hi, I have about £350 to spend on a motherboard and processor, so do I get an i7 4770k and a cheaper motherboard something like a Asus Z87-plus/pro or msi Z87 G45/65 or go for an i5 4670k and a more expensive motherboard like the asus Z87 sabretooth or asus maximus VI hero/formula. If any other ideas please share, but I do wish to stick with an intel processor.

Many thanks Darrell


Well, it really depends on what you want to do. If you are just gaming and not as 1440p then you'll prob be just fine with the i5. You really don't wanna go cheap on the mobo. 

I use a 1080p 3D tv and only light gaming ie dayZ/COD/minecraft and GTA IV , but my pc at the moment is used for all my media like blu-ray films/music and streaming movies too. I like to furture proof my pc, I am still using my pc i build over 4-5 years ago with a few minor upgrades like an SSD and graphics card.

Yeah, you'll be fine with the i5. By more than gaming I meant like graphical work, Adobe Premier, that kind of stuff. 


http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/m155 AMD build £250

http://uk.pcpartpicker.com/p/129EV Intel build £297

Definitely grab the i5.

You can use the remaining budget to allocate to a motherboard with decent onboard sound, or maybe wifi connectivity.

I do plan to do some minor overclocking, but as for sound i will be using hdmi passthough to my amp and no need for wi-fi.

I did look at that intel motherboard and it was my top choice at the moment, but at that price I would be able to afford the i74770k CPU

For gaming and streaming i would go with the I7 or AMD FX8350.

By the way the Asus Z87 pro or Msi Z87 GD65 gaming are great motherboards. not low end. ☺

FX8350 with asus Sabertooth or Asus M5A99FX pro R2.0 would probably the best bang for buck for you. ☺

The difference in overclocking capability found in Z87 motherboards is small. Any Z87 motherboard will be fine for minor overclocking with the 4670k.

Looks like you got everything else covered. I would just pick a motherboard for aesthetic reasons, if I were in your position.

They is so much choice in motherboards, asus alone have about 10 and then the is the other brands too. thanks alot for your help I think I will be going with the asus Z87 pro.


I did look at the AMD FX8350 black edition and when I saw it was 8 cores at that price I nearly wet myself, but when I started to look at the motherboards I could not find any with pcie 3.0 so its intel for me.

I don't think GPUs actually fully uses the full bandwidth on PCIe x16 2.0.  I also faintly remember that AMD stated that Crossfiring on Gen 2 slots with R9 290Xs didn't see any noticeable performance impacts.

I can't think of anything that requires the full bandwidth of PCIe 3.0.  And the Intel i5 4670K and FX-8350 are about the same in terms of performance.  One's just better with single-threaded application and one is better with multi-threaded applications(4 cores vs 8 cores, kinda obvious)

well when you're crossfiring z87 won't have pci-e 3.0 anyway

z87 can only run 2.0 16/16 or 3.0 8/8, same as 990fx

Yeah there are almost no measurable advances to PCI-E 3.0. At least not right now. 

I also am not sure about the GPU using the full bandwidth on PCIe x16 2.0, but the new nvidia GPU cards are PCIe gen 3, I just trying to build a pc that will be some what future proof, so I would rather buy a motherboard that has gen 3 PCIe that PCIe gen 2,

But once I have build my pc I hope not to upgrade for a while. My pc now is 4-5 years old its is a q6600 with a nvidia gtx280.