i5- 4670k IGPU Ram questions

I am going to be building my computer, I am saving up for a grapics card but for the time being I will be running intergrated graphics on the i5- 4670k, I have seen the videos and am planning on using high speed ram, G.Skill Ripjaws Z Series  DDR3-2133 Ram.  My only question is how much of a performace gain or would there be a gain in going with 16gb (2x8) of ram over 8gb(2x4),  It would be for light gaming, and general use, not exspecting great frames or max settings just something to help me get it build and working while I save more for the GPU.  I will be getting a MSI GTX 770 alone the road.  Just wondering if the extra ram would show a signifigant improvement or not, I think it might but am unsure any help will be great.

No, it won't help. Just get 8gb and save the rest for your GPU upgrade.