i5 4670 / FX-8350 Problem

This is the first time, I set up myself a Computer, and I have a problem on deciding whether I choose the i5 4670 or the FX-8350. What I want the chip to do: Gaming and may a little bit of video editing.
I read a lot the past month about building a computer, and I cannot say, which one of them is better.

First problem: Form factor.
With AMD I have to go with ATX, with Intel I can decide, I actually would appreciate a microATX-system.
I don't know, what I should do, if ATX or microATX.

Second problem: The core problem
What I mean is, that future games will be made up for 8 cores (AMD wins in that case), but until this happened, both, the FX-8350 and the i5 will may be dead chips.

What do you guys think?

Is there a better option?


Both CPUs are great for gaming, both are good for editing. The 8350 is a little more versatile than the i5. But, if you're not doing heavy editing workloads, you're not at a loss if you want to go with mATX or mITX and the i5.

More cores doesn't equate to more performance. Each pair of cores on the FX chips share a module, which means each pair of cores shares the same resources. So the architecture isn't comparable. They both give equal performance in games. They have roughly the same expected longevity.

If you want mATX, Intel is the only solution, in my opinion. If you can live with ATX (maybe a mid-tower), you'll be more than happy with the 8350.

The form factor is my biggest problem, I can't decide if ATX or microATX..

If I take the 4670 and take the same GPU, the rest adjusted for ATX/microATX, would the perfomance of the microATX be a lot under the perfomance of the ATX?

Form factor doesn't impact performance. Not unless you require dual GPUs, but mATX provides that. This is less about the CPUs and more about the form factor. I am more of an advocate for smaller form factor PCs, but I am currently using an ATX mid-tower which gives me a lot of options.

If you want a micro atx or mini itx system just get the i5 4670 and forget the 8350. It is unlikely the 8350 will ever "kill" the 4670k as a gaming cpu. Either is a valid choice going forward so get the platform and form factor you want.

I would like to go with microATX.
Should I take the 4670 or the 4670K?
I don't see a noteable difference for the extra money on the 4670K.

The K edition processor has an unlocked multiplier. If you put it on a Z87 motherboard, you will get much more overclocking capability. Which can give a nice performance boost in games or productivity.

Is it the price difference worth? Do I really notice a difference?

If you get a Z87 motherboard, then you would be stupid not to get the K edition, because it is probably $20 in difference. You might not see a tangible difference in performance as it can depend on the software suite or specific games. But like I said, if you have a Z87 motherboard, you should definitely get the k edition.

Alright, thank you, you helped me out a lot!

Just for curiosity, which motherboard is the best one for the FX-8350 (ATX) ?