I5 4460 Vs AMD...?,

Here is the gist of it.

I currently have a Pentium G3258 (the 20 year anniversary one), and despite its more than great performance relative to its price I am wanting an upgrade, due to lackluster performance in some of my favorite games, and in general desktop use.

Soon I am building a replacement PC for my brother, as his is barely scraping past windows 7 on its Athlon 2 x64, and thus I am getting his current PC in return. Obviously this would be no upgrade to my current system (check my profile for full specs), but the motherboard inside has an AM3+ socket, a 'modern' CPU would work fine. At the same time I am planning to upgrade to an I5 4460, as I can get one from CEX (UK second hand store) for £90, however I am planning an OS reinstall anyway, so If I could get an AMD CPU for the other motherboard would that be a better option?

I would simply like advice along with recommendations for AMD CPUs if that is a good choice.

Thanks :3

The 4460 is the way to go for sure. Would need to get a 8350 to even get close to the i5 performance and I don't know how well this random old mobo would handle the power draw and heat of such a part. The i5 is a solid choice. You won't be sorry.


I recently did a build with the i5 4460 and it turned out fantastic for the money. I usually go strictly AMD but until Zen drops an AMD cpu is not worth it.

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Depending on what you are doing, but in 9 out of 10 cases, 4460 will outperform the AMD FX...

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AMD 8320 is good, and would probably be comparable to the 4460.

As far as gaming is concerned the 4460 is better then anything AMD has too offer atm.

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